(Hearthstone) The Perfect Deck Doesn't Exi-

(Saviors of Uldum Standard) Quest Mage VS Priest
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Music: Piano Sonata no. 20 in A major, D. 959 — IV. Rondo. Allegretto by Schubert, performed by Paul Pitman


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48 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) The Perfect Deck Doesn't Exi-

  1. This gives me flashbacks to the TimeWarp OTK decks that seemed to have an infinite number of frost nova and ice blocks. shudders

  2. when will the Mage trash end. Love Kibler but this deck is so brokeback

  3. Both Flakmage trigger at the same time. Meaning instead of dealing 2 at a time, they deal 4 damage altogether. So reborn don't trigger

  4. This the kinda game that make someone uninstall Hearthstone

  5. I mean any deck is the perfect deck if you can put in 6 frost novas and not have them stuck in your hard throughout the entire early game.

  6. Hey there, new follower/fan ! Also new to HS. Your videos are pretty fun and chill to watch, also i learned a lot since my first deck is quest mage. Amazing vibes from your stream too 😀
    Keep it up dude, good work !

  7. I never knew they added "Swords Of Revealing Light" to Hearthstone." What pack can I get it from?

  8. Played this same deck against a token druid. Left only at 4hp but like this game freezing his minions was win condition. Random blizzard as board clear MVP.

  9. The reborn absolutely wouldn’t trigger there. Even before he did it. I knew it wasn’t going to. I was surprised he was doing that play to just clear a 3/1

  10. I was ready for Kibler to beat his opponent down with a Spellbender while getting Frost Nova off his hero power for 30 straight turns.

  11. “Uhh we’re kinda in trouble here”

    All the Frozen Novas in the game: “We got chu fam”

  12. Sorry, I have to unsubscribe due to Blizzard's recent actions in the China controversy. I used to watch your videos a lot more in the past, but I'm officially done with Hearthstone and probably Blizzard as a whole, which means I won't be consuming any of their content either. Good luck.

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