[Hearthstone] The Ragequit Deck

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47 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Ragequit Deck

  1. >spends intro talking about how he tried to counter priest with counter spell/spell bender
    >Shows games where neither of those cards were used.

  2. that guy says people rage quit because of the counter spells.. when the game he showed Kripp didnt play a single one… he rage quit because he's playing against a paid account

  3. We used to rage quit against decks with heaps of legendaries.

    Now they're just called control warrior 🙁

  4. People that complain about pay to win clearly don't understand what that means. Let's look at League of Legends. It has (as everyone knows) a f2p business model. Now, if you were a new player and had none of the "top tier" champions, would you call the game pay to win because you don't own them yet and haven't grinded to get them for free? No, you wouldn't. Every champion can be obtained without real money, just like every legendary in Hearthstone can be obtained for free. It just takes some time to grind it out. The game is absolutely a grindfest but it definitely is NOT pay to win. Get your facts straight, whiners.

  5. "ragequit" deck? Nope.
    It took you turn 6 to win, that's an average win on my priest deck, who wins on turn 4-5 by taking the enemy down to 0 health with decent draws.

  6. why were they all conceding straight away? is there some way to see your opponents hand 

  7. Get Gunnars glasses. Leave low on your nose so you wont use them. Fucking smart.

  8. Soooooooo… from what I have seen, just because Krip thinks he is the most experienced player and he likes Hearthstone he complains if the other person has a better start.   No matter how his opponent wins, Krip will say he has more skill and that he should have won, with the rare tournament being the only time he doesn't do this.  But if he gets the better start he thinks it's his skill that is winning the game for him.  Basically I am saying Krip is a hypocrite and I know 99% of the people who read this will disagree, but it is true.

  9. Only me seing its the same person hes facing everytime? Check first priest and so on. Same guy

  10. I hate how some people can justify some games as not being Pay 2 win.
    You can buy something and have it instantly, or you can spend 5+ hours a day grinding for weeks straight to get what the other guy paid for. By the time you even get there he has ever card in the game.

  11. Turn 4 Water Elemental
    Turn 5 Sylvanas
    Turn 6 Cairn
    and he rage quits ? I don't get why… he was at 13 life !
    And then he rage quits, TWICE, BEFORE the game ?!!

  12. Watching this video in 2018 is really interesting 😀 All those cards, that are no longer the same, the interface of the game..you got to feel the nostalgia 🙂

  13. Good Luck:
    4:26 Opponent concedes
    5:52 Same opponent concedes again

    Bad Luck:
    6:29 No cue up against same guy

    Net Luckiness: +1 Luckyrinos
    Lifetime Luckiness: -4 Luckyrinos

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