(Hearthstone) The Secret Deck for Climbing in Hearthstone | Murloc Paladin | Descent of Dragons

Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons. is the newest expansion and I am currently playing as Aggro Murloc Paladin. I, elementalcore100, am going to be playing Hearthstone games and talk probably too much trying to both entertain people and teach them how to play Hearthsotne. I am not the best player by any means this really just started cause I told a friend that anyone could get to rank 5 or higher with a cheap deck with some time and some general knowledge on the game. I enjoy helping people learn what decks they want to play through gameplay, guides, and spotlights so I hope you all enjoy. I am a multiseason legend player so I at least know my stuff a decent amount.

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23 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) The Secret Deck for Climbing in Hearthstone | Murloc Paladin | Descent of Dragons

  1. I was stuck at diamond 7 for like 2 days. Started using galakrond warlock and am now diamond 3 with one win away to 2. Seriously a great deck it can handle most matchups.

  2. Hey man been loving your content. Been watching both videos every day for quite a while. Was wondering if you could give us some gameplay of galakrond rogue and highlander rogue. I have all the cards I need but have been struggling with how to play it. Keep up the work man

  3. i really HATE Res Priest, because you kill the same minion over and over and kill his minion also kill yours so you have no plan, the deck its so boring to play and to play against, 20m game… No thanks, just concede and go next. I glad to see that Mass histeria is going to rotate, finally Priest doesnt have a perfect area for minions that have 2 health or + in early game.

  4. Great video, man! Do you reccomend me crafting this deck? I'm at Silver 7, at the moment. I've been playing Dragon Hunter, and Mech Paladin.

  5. Not really a climbing deck when half the games you won't get prismatic and end up being too slow of a deck.

  6. Will this deck actually die after Prismatic Lens rotate out? I feel like this deck might still work somehow

  7. BRO I was expecting a secret Paladin deck with that title LMAO! Still a great vid btw XD

  8. Would like to see more content about this deck, I used to main this deck for 3 months half a year ago and I had a win % of 65 over 100 games

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