Hearthstone - Theme Song - Rock Cover

I decided to do a cover of the Hearthstone Theme song «Pull Up A Chair» because I am so excited for the Blackrock Mountain Adventure release!

Hear the original song here:

Check out a trailer for the Blackrock Mountain Adventure here:

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33 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Theme Song — Rock Cover

  1. Awesome rock. I know it's from the Hearthstone soundtrack but the way it is played sounds like it could be used in Naruto. If I didn't know any better I would have thought it was directly from Naruto. Am I the only one? Only thing missing is the Panflute

  2. Really, no comments? This rocks dude! Hope to see more game music covers!

  3. Hi guys, i heard this song long time ago even before the game was released, but it was played on accordion. Even though the whole track might not have been the same, most of it was. Anyone know the name of that song?

  4. Oh men thats amazing! can i use this song in my streams? you are incredible! Greetings from México

  5. Awesome song! I have 2 questions:
    1. Can I use some parts of it in a podcast? /Of course with provideing links for your pages/
    2. Where can I download it? /you know, in better quality then a "youtube to mp3" converter is capable of/

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