[Hearthstone] This Deck Is Absolute Garbage

Hearthstone Witchwood | A highlight of the absolute worst deck I’ve played on ladder lately.
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37 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] This Deck Is Absolute Garbage

  1. Arena average of 9.. I used to average about 6, this expansion my highest win was 4. I don't know why but I keep getting rekt

  2. 10 Mana Barnes? Alright, then let's change its text, too.
    Battlecry: Summon a copy of two different minions from your deck.

    There we go. Now it's more of a 10 mana swing card instead of a 4 mana "Enable shenanigans" card. :3

  3. Elise would have been nice addition so each time you shudderwock you ad 1 card to your deck so you dont fatigue so fast

  4. there is no evolve and dopplegangster combo despite
    dopplegangster fit so well with shudderwock in wild

  5. Play my Reno Version, wrecks every deck. Or you can play Dane's version, the one with N'zoth and Infinite White Eyes. Your deck really sucks a lot.

  6. Rania: “hey Kripp last night’s stream didn’t go too well we don’t have any highlights”
    Kripp: “wym no highlights”
    Rania: “you got shit on all night”
    Kripp: “those are highlights now”

  7. What really makes this deck fail is the fact that Healing Rain isn't in it. That card wins games like you wouldn't believe

  8. You need Emperor Thaurissan in this deck. Allow it to get a tick on Violet Illusionist and Shudderwock so that you can play both in the same turn when you have 10 Mana. You won’t take any fatigue damage from Coldlight Oracle’s Battlecries.

  9. Try putting maybe charged hammer in the deck, it's not the best shaman weapon but at least you'll have a hero power that you can deal 2 damage to anything. I put it in a control shaman I made and it worked pretty good against small aggro minions.

  10. Thank you Kripp for all these years of entertainment with hs, but i'm done with it, i'm moving on to faeria, even if it's waay less played, i enjoy it way more than hs these days.. so since you only stream hs.. i guess this is goodbay for now.. good luck mate.

  11. Looking how braindead hearthstone has become, how many small penis players netdecking facedecks, there is, disgusts me. The fun is slowly fading, while the braindeads are on the rise.

  12. Holy shit I just now realized Zola the Gorgon is a fucking pun.

    How did I not catch that when the card was fist announced?

  13. But Kripp if there was a ranking in arena you couldn't get sniped so easily, because the streamsnipers would have to get on your level

  14. I hate Shudderwock card so much thats is one of the reason I stop playing hearthstone.

  15. I would say Kripp wrong but when I play arena it’s middle of the day in weekends and I am a noob so fuck

  16. Wow.. opponent got best possible maelstrom portal minion, krip got worst possible one.
    Tunnel Trogg vs. Make all your minions cost 2 more. >.<

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