Hearthstone | This Deck is ODDLY Powerful! | Wild Odd Quest Priest | Saviors of Uldum

Hearthstone | This Deck is ODDLY Powerful! | Wild Odd Quest Priest | Saviors of Uldum

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### J U N O
# Class: Priest
# Format: Wild
# 1x (1) Activate the Obelisk
# 2x (1) Inner Fire
# 2x (1) Northshire Cleric
# 2x (1) Power Word: Shield
# 2x (1) Zombie Chow
# 1x (3) Brann Bronzebeard
# 2x (3) Dark Cultist
# 2x (3) Deathlord
# 2x (3) Faceless Rager
# 2x (3) Injured Blademaster
# 2x (3) Kabal Talonpriest
# 2x (3) Velen’s Chosen
# 2x (3) Void Ripper
# 2x (5) Glitter Moth
# 1x (5) Loatheb
# 2x (5) Sandhoof Waterbearer
# 1x (9) Baku the Mooneater
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

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25 thoughts on “Hearthstone | This Deck is ODDLY Powerful! | Wild Odd Quest Priest | Saviors of Uldum

  1. Hey everyone! I queued into our friend Juno on ladder who was running this awesome Odd Priest so I knew I had to rebuild the deck and make a video! It's a lot of fun if you still have a couple Glittermoths lying around.

  2. The guy who said there aren't a lot of combo decks must only play aggro because he doesnt realize that pretty much every warlock in wild is playing some mechathun or sn1p sn4p deck. Then there are the quest mages, which are fairly common however not nearly as common as secret mage

  3. Wow, this was the first time I’ve heard the play sound of glitter moth

  4. The first and last time I'll ever see a Glittermoth being useful. Roffle you're a mad scientist! :3

  5. I played a standard version of this when Baku was still in standard, really fun and satisfying to win

  6. Unsubbed, not double quest odd Reno priest

    Edit: I don't care if Reno and kazakus are even mana cards I'm putting them in and no one can stop me

  7. Just would like to say Dirty Rat on two is dumb… But dirty rat on two against a priest is literally the worst idea conceivable…

  8. 20:10, 3x fire potions clear board if he didn´t atackd, and in what circle of hell of dante´s inferno are you at where it doesnt matter your games in your youtube videos are 90+% win rate and somehow you are allways rank 5

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