Hearthstone: This Guy's Control Hunter Deck is Craaaaaaaazy!

Kibler faces an epic battle with Control Hunter!

Watch live at www.twitch.tv/bmkibler and be sure to visit BMKGaming.com for more content!


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40 thoughts on “Hearthstone: This Guy's Control Hunter Deck is Craaaaaaaazy!

  1. wow why is everyone firing shots at him? if you don't like him, don't watch him. it's  that simple.

  2. Played this guy on ladder, and he did the same shit to me too lmao. I couldn't play more than 2 minions. he had all the answers 

  3. This guy is annoying as fuck. Repeating a minions names everytime it's summoned is fucking annoying.

  4. Control Hunter is insanely fun to play! I would still never use it in the upper ranks of ladder in it's current state, though.

  5. You can tell who the young kids are here asking who this guy is.  Oh only a legendary CCG/TCG player with World Championships under his belt.  Ignorant little shites.  Thanks for the upload Brian, been looking for a good Hunter Control list but still haven't found anything with consistency.

  6. Yo kib do u have the deck list from this guys hunter its sick wanna test it thanks

  7. Some serious momma's basement neckbeards hating for no reason.  Get yourselves some self-esteem nerds.  Seriously, it's so pathetic.

  8. I'm watching this exactly a year after it came out, what a crazy game it was !

  9. That bm at the end for someone who is once in a lifetime playing an unusual deck on ladder… You just don't deserve to win dude

  10. I played a Control Hunter some couple seasons ago but i could not get past rank 9 with it. Nice to see this guy advanced much further with his. Also Dragon Priest was everywhere and owned what I concocted.

  11. Remember this fellow hunters "Playing control is insanity ."
    There can only be one right place : face .


  12. hey, this video is cut, but I really would like to see his entire deck. please send the full video or the included cards. thanks mate ! 🙂

  13. don't know how this came up on my feed but you are definitely not a YouTube channel I would sub to. annoying and obnoxious! nty, take this L

  14. I love control hunter decks. This is a very unpopular opinion, but hunter is my favourite class. I love the beasts and how they can synergize, and also the many spells hunter has for example for aoe. Control hunter is very much possible, I play it everytime. 🙂

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