(Hearthstone) Trial By Felfire Part 1 - New Single Player Adventure

(Single Player Adventure) Trial By Felfire — Part 1
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25 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Trial By Felfire Part 1 — New Single Player Adventure

  1. 22:00 7/7 for 4 mana? That's almost the perfect card! Could probably have a better battlecry though. Like instead of dealing 5 damage, maybe it restricts your mana.

  2. Fun fact: Dakrel's hero power is bugged. It actually triggers the death rattle before destroying the creature. This means if Darkel uses it on a Zealous Initiate, it can buff itself before dying.

  3. I completed the whole thing in an hour yesterday…not what was I had expected..kinda feeling bored now

  4. I liked the adventure. It was just challenging enough to be fun. I guess the worst part is that youre stuck with a kinda midrange deck, but then you will be able build your own deck next week.

  5. 52:15 “I have this deadly poison and I haven’t even seen a weapon” apart from the kingsglaive you were already offered I guess

  6. 26:39 — not that it really mattered, but missed lethal — After he plays the Coldlight Oracle, he has exact lethal on board if he doesn't kill the opponent minions. And even if he were a bit short, opponent will fatigue for 3 with the next draw.

  7. 47:00 I never even saw a Turbo Boost when I played this challenge. But I also intentionally never played Refueling because it seemed like a bit of a trap. I messed up on the first couple of turns and used cards instead of hero power, but I was still able to hold things off with taunt and damage. On the last turn, I didn't have anymore taunt, but I had only taken 9 damage, so I did double repairs and just took the damage, which wasn't near enough to get me.

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