(Hearthstone) Trial By Felfire: Part 2

(Single Player Adventure) Trial By Felfire — Part 2
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21 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Trial By Felfire: Part 2

  1. Wow that ending was a let down, It seemed like a pretty cool phase transition, but then it just ended. The whole fight didn’t even deplete his 100 health from the start.

  2. I wish they added an option to hide your mulligan in adventures so you can see what your/the enemy hero power is. Didn't matter too much in this adventure but sometimes the ability has a massive impact and you end up getting wrecked because you can't read something that is right there! I know its a bit picky but it really bothers me.

  3. I completely agree the ending to this was pretty lame, but the rhyming and story till that point was great.

  4. when i played against shalja, she randomly got eye of the storm on like turn 7, and then on turn 10 she played eye of the storm and it played a second eye of the storm.

  5. i'm a little upset how easily Kibler beat Mecha-Jaraxxus. took me about a dozen tries.

  6. That was so lame. Blizzard has all these awesome writers that do amazing storylines and you come up with that?
    Also, who told them switching to mega boss form only to not fight was a cool move? lol

  7. Illidan has been redeemed! How?
    “It’s strong and it’s sudden, it can be cruel sometimes, but might just save your liiiife, that’s the POWER OF LOVE!”

  8. lol hearthstone story is even lamer than MTG's story and that's a difficult thing to achieve looking at how the last couple MTG "novels" turned out

  9. Illidan and Malfurian were twins. Malfurian may have been born first but technically he wasn't an older brother he was a twin brother.

    You would think the people who wrote the adventure would know this.

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