Hearthstone: Trump's 100% Win Rate Deck

This might just be Trump’s best deck yet.


● More memorable games: http://bit.ly/1o7DD6t


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«Throwing Fire»


27 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Trump's 100% Win Rate Deck

  1. his opponent lost the game by not trading into the 6/5 on his last turn, trump couldnt have killed it with anything but cthun if he did

  2. Every time i've played against someone that upgraded their armorsmith, I lost, there is almost no way to beat it.

  3. Anyone know why he does not use golden cards? I think you should use them or dust them.

  4. Rip priest… i had to make an entirely new account, did so a few days ago and i was already having a hard time, so i used priest. Now i cant… no clue why they are worried about making the EARLY RANKS less OP. Its going to be fucking impossible for me to win in later ranks unless i spend hundreds of dollars on packs any how. Idiots.

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