Hearthstone Twisting Nether is awesome

playing with twisting nether


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28 thoughts on “Hearthstone Twisting Nether is awesome

  1. so is this like a troll spell or smth? srs.. killing em all.. ain that slightly 2 powerful?

  2. nope it cost 8 mana it is huge cost you can't play anything else that turn. and it kills your stuff too,it fits warlock theme perfectly.

  3. It sure looks nice, but there is way better (and cheaper) hard removal that wont kill all your minions if yo play warlock.
    Try Ancient watcher -> Shadowflare. (4 dmg)

  4. Hey wow, you found 3 instances in which twisting nether was semi-useful.
    Good job!

  5. Why you didn't took card? You had 2 mana left, its a waste. Yea, 11 hp in last one is rather small, but you got 22 hp in second one…

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