(Hearthstone) Untitled/Stone Episode #2

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34 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Untitled/Stone Episode #2

  1. 16:52 if you really wanna be surprised about re-release of content that happened almost ten years ago, thats too fucking bad. Thats not a spoiler at that point.

  2. Great to see you return, thanks for another great show! I know you guys are against crowdfunding this to make it worth your while to do weekly. I, for one, would rather chip in a few bucks and see 4 shows a month than get 1 for free. I hope you consider this option, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way 🙂

  3. Love that you guys talked about wild. I've been climbing with Aluneth Mage, but I also just pulled off the infinite fireball combo. Great meta right now.

  4. I didn't watch this show when it used to air… now I've seen a few episodes and I miss it

  5. Is ViciousSyndicate high? Quest Mage is able to beat every single deck in wild and it's Tier 2?

  6. They do have a banned list of cards for tournaments though. It currently includes Whizbang and Zayle. It's probably a last ditch emergency measure to add cards to that list though.

  7. Demon Hunter being the best class at everything is intentional. It's supposed to mimic demon hunters in WoW which are required in M+, Raids, and PvP as well as having the best mobility which boosts them in world content. High damage, aoe and single target interrupts, damage mitigation all translates into Hearthstone

  8. Title suggestion:
    Three intelligent bois discuss high intelligence hearthstone issues, news, and updates on an unspecified schedule.

    Rolls right off the tongue.

  9. i still want a format, which is like wild where you can play any cards, but in your deck you can only play cards that were in standard together at some point. So if you want to play some old un'goro decks you can, but you have to play the cards that were in rotation with it. Sort of like a hybrid between wild and standard

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