Hearthstone: Void Terror eats Feugen and Stalagg

Combo with Void Terror+Feugen and Stalagg that happened in an actual casual game 🙂
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15 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Void Terror eats Feugen and Stalagg

  1. he reason is, void terror kills them both at the same time.

    And since they both will summon Thaddius on death, assuming the other has died. When stallag dies, fuegen is dead, so thaddius is summoned, but the opposite is also true. Now add baron rivendare for 4 thaddiusees!

  2. got the dream !
    still have not got the combo yet, still refining the deck, but i didnt even read about this method until i was wondering if void terror works this way 😀 now you have to run 2 of them  fun times ahead, already seeing silence used more though

  3. The Void Terror is definitely one of my favorite cards. I like to use it later in the game when I know my opponent has used all of their insta-kill cards or any status effecting cards. 

  4. I'm still playing with these cards. Was awesome when they first came out and heaps of people had them, made for interesting games.


  6. Now if you hadn't played the other Void Terror before hand and used it in-between the two Thaddiuses…… damn hahaha

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