Hearthstone - What your deck says about you

Find out what your Hearthstone deck says about you and your opponents!

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43 thoughts on “Hearthstone — What your deck says about you

  1. Guess I'm a gimmick player. I only play for fun, like I got a All legendary druid ramp deck. Golden monkey controll warrior and Some weird endless spell mage with brann bronzebeard, tons of discover spells cards, and duplicate secrets etc. And I smurf with all these decks at rank 20. Proudly spent no cash whatsoever yet, and still got most cards, and I also have all 9 golden heroes 😉

  2. Why can we see Amaz, Trump and Kripparian when talking about "the builders"? Those players are just netdecking.

  3. I build my own gimmick decks, and flounder about between rank 20, and rank 15, because I am apparently bad at building around bad RNG. And, I have bad RNG.

  4. perfection of face hunter describes it pretty good. golden hero — every play has been made, and every possible class+deck combination has been crushed

  5. I'm a net-decker for casual fun. Being a casual f2p player, every single pack I buy with gold matters, and every single card I craft is a serious dust investment. So, before I decide to play a new deck, I have to make sure that every card I'm going to craft is good for it — and unfortunately this doesn't leave much room for experimentation.

  6. I guess i am a builder with the way i play ( but not a good one), the one i though i saw most potential in that others didnt was the legendary gormaock the implaer, in a warloc deck with imploshion, and some spell damage.

  7. well im playing tons of mech deck and i am gonna get so much people telling me how shit it is i can already smell the hate

  8. I copied a face hunter deck and I half copied / half built a secret paladin deck, what does that say about me? =)
    Oh and by the way, I'd say one of the best deck builder / gimmicky player is Noxious, he literally played face priest on a tournament, which is absolutely beautiful. He truly plays for fun.

  9. I don't think you understand how fighting games work if you can't deal with "hadouken spam", so you probably shouldn't use it as a counter point in your videos. Fireball placement is as integral to fighting games as curving out is in Hearthstone.

  10. playing paladin or mage decks that everyone plays automatically makes you a noob



  11. I am the type that sticks with just one character and one type of a deck, I despise aggro/zoo decks so i only play Control Priest. I'd just wish blizzard would offer my golden priest more of a chance against aggro : /

  12. I'm definitely the "just for fun" player. I haven't run into anyone else that uses Djinni, much less built a deck around him. lol

  13. Meme Priest best priest, the idea of this deck is to ultimately allow allow all 4 old gods to be playable while still maintaining game advantage, ultimately you end up dropping one big threat after another, after another, best played with reno jackson

  14. Quest Rogue: You are a complete piece of garbage and like playing annoying yet underpowered decks just to piss everyone off. You're also the guy who says "thanks" at the end of every match.

  15. Im a gimmick deck player
    My fav deck are what i like to call painlock
    It consist of nothing but healing,self damaging and that one card that gives you immunity

  16. I think im a gimmick builder. I create gimmicks in my decks, like my shaman focused on helping among themselves but still i could only beat the odd warrior once and never could defeat the jaina deck

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