(Hearthstone) Who Needs Pyroblast?

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Elemental Mage VS Hunter Deck Code: …


26 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Who Needs Pyroblast?

  1. "Would you like this Pyroblast, or the mystery Solarian Prime?"
    "We'll take the Pyro-"
    "SOLARIAN PRIME! Don't you see? It could be anything, it could even be a Pyroblast!"

  2. Speaking of Shiro, what's the deal with him always peeking out of a pentagon on top of a tiny gray rectangle in the top right of your stream?

  3. “This Water Elemental will draw me THREE CARDS! That’s better than Pot of Greed.”
    That one got me. 🤣

  4. I've been playing wild quest mage, so I seeing sorcerer/cyclone shenanigans in standard is nice. I've been wanting to bring that into standard, so I'll probably give this deck a try!

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