Hearthstone [WILD] Philipp's Reno N'Zoth Warrior: Top-deck miracles again and again... (1080p)

Thanks to Philipp (https://twitter.com/PHearthstone) for this awesome Reno Warrior deck. Very refreshing to play.
The final game against the Even Shaman was full of misplays. I guess it doesn’t matter, since I won? 🙂

Deck code: AAEBAQceS6IE+Af/B/sM/g3DFuCsAsbDAt/EAqLHAszNAo7OAvHTAs/nAsPqAp3wApvzApL4Ap77AqCAA5aKA6GhA/yjA/KoA5GxA5+3A7i5A765A82+AwAA

0:10 Deck introduction and stats
1:43 Philipp’s top tips on how to play the deck
5:19 My favourite cards
6:24 Town Crier — Philipp’s MVP card

Game highlights

1) Mech Paladin 7:14
That didn’t last long…

2) Demon Hunter 8:40
11:15 How do you deal with double Thug?
12:58 What could I have done differently in that game?

3) Reno Priest 13:12
17:35 Goodbye Reno.
19:20 Why do I always pick Deathwing?
22:28 Hakkar doesn’t win many games, but against Reno decks, they don’t want to deal with it!
25:08 The right time to play Bring it On?

4) Demon Hunter 27:00
31:20 When you need a miracle…

5) Even Shaman 33:18
40:10 Surely I could have played this turn better, taking more face damage than needed…
43:18 I picked the Mortuary Machine… and would come to regret that choice!!!
47:30 Was there a way to clear his board and preserve my minions? Too much thinking = inefficient trades and removal?
48:52 Top-deck miracle.
49:46 Another top-deck miracle.
51:09 Must remember that N’Zoth can bring back rush minions too! I keep forgetting. Had I remembered, perhaps I could have planned things better and killed the 12-12.
51:44 Low-roll Crackles are the best Crackles.
51:53 Another top-deck miracle.
52:45 Another misplay… not using your hero power!

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One thought on “Hearthstone [WILD] Philipp's Reno N'Zoth Warrior: Top-deck miracles again and again… (1080p)

  1. Feel free to ask me anything about my deck 🙂
    I hope my tips help

    Edit: notable card i don't have: Deathwing, Mad aspect

    Also, never keep dyno vs mech paladin. Keeping kargath is ok, if you have a whirlwind vs DH. Otherwise you're gonna get chipped to death

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