Heartstone: Curse of Naxxramas - Heroic - Maexnna

Curse of Naxxramas —
Heroic Run through of Grand Widow Maexnna


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33 thoughts on “Heartstone: Curse of Naxxramas — Heroic — Maexnna

  1. I beat this thing second try,make them have 7 1power guy,and leeroy 7 times,along with voodoo doctor and ERF.Holy nova is completely worthless.

  2. The heroic mode bosses should give the golden versions of the cards. Especially since you cant have a golden coin with the new Nax cards

  3. Had a similar deck to beat it.  Played priest for the mass despell.  Then instead of just battle cry minions I had minions that made tokens.  To try to give the hero ability more targets to hit.  Murlock tide hunter was great because his token is 0 mana so you can keep throwing it down for free.  Then I also added knife juggler because I was playing so many minions.

  4. just make him flood the board with 1/1 spiders than keep healing till he fatigues or you draw into your big combos 🙂

  5. I dont know if this has already been posted or not, but if you read the hero power, Maexxna is forced to use her hero power every turn.

  6. I beat this with a mage deck with all the 2 for 1 summons including MC tech, and a bunch of board clears and freezes.

  7. I beat it with a similar priest deck on the first try, but somewhere out there, there's a person who is laughing maniacally while playing coldlight oracles over and over again. Not sure how it would work, but seems tempting to try and fatigue kill. Oh and if you run mirror images, I think you end up with free mountain giants. Maybe also those murloc tidehunters as Mr Paragon pointed out.

  8. Just let him send his board full with small minions (1 atk minions and rhe 0 atk 2 health ones) which HE WILL DO in like the first 4 rounds, help him with this by killing those spiders. Then just go charge and heal minions, either with druid or pala and u CANT fail.

  9. My wining deck was with mage, x2 eleven archers ,x2 iron break owls , 2 tide hunters , x1 coldlight oracle , x2 MIND control tech (these guys helpd alot) , x2 razoforen hunters , Leeroy , onyxia  , and from mage clase i took, x2 freeze novas , x2 flame strikes ,x2 blizzards and  2 ice bar secrets and 2 x ice blocks  FTW

  10. I don't think it's really "abusing the AI" I believe the golden rotating ring on his hero power indicates that he HAS to use it every time even if he doesn't want to, because if you notice the other heros don't have that ring…

  11. i was really hoping you get something for beating all 3, NOPE thats so shit dude, congrats but im sad theres no achievement

  12. Beat this with a rogue deck, SI7, backstab, sap and vanish helped a lot for trying to live and develop a board. Prob not as effective as priest mage though

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