Heartstone Project in Schools

Ten Nottinghamshire schools are taking part in Heartstone workshops tackling prejudice and discrimination which are part funded by Nottinghamshire County Council.

All Saints Anglican and Methodist Aided Primary School in Elston is one of these schools and has been producing film trailers that express the Heartstone themes.


John Powell (Teacher Elston All Saints Primary)

«So we’ve been reading the Heartstone Odyssey novel and they’ve been learning all about prejudice and racism and how it affects people. And then they will make film trailers based on this novel to try to get across this message about racism and prejudice being completely wrong.»

Councillor Alice Grice (Nottinghamshire County Council)

«Well I think it’s important that we tackle the issue of hate crime in schools early on so that children are given the skills to think about why they think the way that they do and think about how they can challenge prejudice if they come across it in their everyday lives.»

Archie and Toby (Students)


«The whole book is sort of devoted towards tackling racism and prejudice and many other nasty things and it sort of shows how it can change a person’s life quite drastically.»


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