Here Is The UNLUCKIEST Battlegrounds Player Alive!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1336

Here Is The UNLUCKIEST Battlegrounds Player Alive!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1336

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ES_Baritone Confessions — Little Island Leap
ES_Move Over Mickey — Ritchie Everett
ES_On My Mind Tonight (Instrumental Version) — Vividry
ES_Wanda — Alexandra Woodward
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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44 thoughts on “Here Is The UNLUCKIEST Battlegrounds Player Alive!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1336

  1. Ysera, for the insane value of card generation and the sweet nostalgia of my big shaman.
    Alliestrasza is certainly a good player but who could have known she was also a dragon under human form ?

  2. Dude… Can I watch hearthstone and not just hearthstone battlegrounds? ;_;

  3. 왜 여기 나오는 한국인들은 하나같이 날 부끄럽게 만들까

  4. The best is Malygos, it's the only fairly viable in Wild. Ysera was used so little when Big Priest had all their power, now with the nerfed Barnes and new good fast decks, there's no place for her. And Alexstrasza was only a little useful when Pocket galaxy was 5 mana. 10:07 But if you literally meant Alliestrasza, she is the best, because she can play all the cards in the game.

  5. Still waiting hearthstone daily moment to get a clip of epic sax moment in battleground.


  7. Alliestrasza don't go into decks but I think she builds and play with more decks than the other dragons so I think she's the best of them

  8. Deathwing is the best because it's basically a brawl but you're guaranteed to win with a 12/12. Plus the animation is awesome

  9. Nozdormu is my favorite, since technically he should be the most powerful being on that planet

  10. Silvername should stop streaming asap in my opinion, it's certain that blizzard manipulates his games so it is "funny" for the viewers of this channel


  12. The best dragon aspect in hearthstone is definetly Alexstraza. But my favourie is Nozdormu- you play it and you could just see the look of panic in your opponent.
    Personally I love playing it in wild with my big priest…

  13. Nozdormu.

    Cut to some point in the future where Nozdormu into a ridiculous punish or next turn is a common appearance here.

    Maybe not the most powerful, but definitely most influential. The game changes immediately.

  14. Sorry but battlegrounds is one of the most boring things to watch. Like 8/10 of the clips is battlegrounds

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