[HERO HUNTERS] PVP Cinder | Cinder, Matador, Baron, Oracle, Keel

[HERO HUNTERS] PVP Cinder | Cinder, Matador, Baron, Oracle, Keel


Hero Hunters PvP changes often with buffs and nerfs so check back often!

HERO HUNTERS best pvp team 2020 and HERO HUNTERS best pvp team 2019
This video shows a possible pvp team 2019 and 2020 for HERO HUNTERS
My team includes:
Ryker — 8* — Platinum
Caine — 9* — Platinum
Moss — 8* — Platinum
Briar — 8* — Platinum
Jarek — 8* — Platinum

ANDROID DOWNLOAD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…
IOS DOWNLOAD: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/hero-

Deathleech PvP Tiers which I agree with ever AFTER Easter 2020 Update
God Tier


4-Cep — with decent survivability and high burst from his basic attack right out the gate, it’s not hard to see why 4-Cep has become one of the top DPS. His bronze ability is pretty much worthless as he does more damage from his basic attack. His heal block adds insult to injury and ensures any heroes left will go down that much quicker.

Kurtz — unlike 4-Cep, Kurtz does not have a very strong basic attack. He is the opposite of 4-Cep in all of his power comes from his abilities. The basic strat with him is just roll until your abilities pop up, unless you aren’t taking any damage. Most people will try to focus him first since he applies a nasty debuff if an ally is killed first. If he gets Dominate and especially Execute off it’s pretty much game over due to the buffs his team will gain. If you execute an ally Flatline or Ifrit are nice to have around to revive them. Then you get the buff AND have all your heroes alive. Executing an enemy is also a great option though.


Mandrake — a long time favorite due to his decent damage output and stun, but more importantly his gold ability to cloak anyone who falls under 30% hp. His platinum ability is all but worthless, but the rest of his tool box more than makes up for it. He has been a staple in PVP for years now and still is included in most teams, despite his nerfs in the recent months.

Phalanx — she has come to power in recent months, and it only makes sense with such potent burst heroes like 4-Cept, Shiv, and Panzer. Her Team Mag shield allows everyone to gain hundreds of thousands of extra shield right from the get go, and her platinum gives all your own heroes more damage. She is often used along with 4-Cep for a very deadly combo.


Flatline — another hero that came up the ranks over a year ago, and despite some nerfs still stays on top. Her ability to revive and keep heroes alive, along with her stun make her a great choice for almost any team.

Keel — she is incredibly powerful with the right cover breakers (Panzer, Matador, etc.). Even without she does some serious healing, and gives all allies a nice bump in armor.

Top Tier


Panzer — her platinum ability was recently was nerfed in the last patch, but she can still pack a punch in the first 20 seconds of a match. This is usually enough time to get a kill in. However, with the introduction of 4-Cep, her initial burst seems lacking, and 4-Cep does not have the same dramatic damage dip after the beginning that Panzer suffers from. Panzer really only excels vs front line energy heroes (usually big tanks).

Shiv — her flat 10% damage nerf a few months ago really hurt, but she is still a decent choice if you can get a kill off with her. After that the damage really starts rolling.

Mauler — the Mauler/Halo/Mandrake/Moss/Caine combo is actually pretty potent vs a 4-Cep build. Mauler is also excellent vs some other top tier heroes like Kurtz to stop his rolling, and Panzer and Shiv.


Halo — she’s a decent choice all around, and especially good when paired with Mauler. Her small heal, shield, and extra damage on everyone’s special makes her a solid choice for multiple builds and PVP. She also pairs very well with Siren.

Castellan — his two turret buff several months ago made this hero much more potent. He has good damage when he can get both turrets out, and great survivability with his shields.

Heimlock — his heals are fairly weak, but the extra health, heal boost, and cleanses he provides really help with the burst meta.

Caine — he got buffed, and then recently nerfed, but his shields are great and charge fast. He can usually get a shield off before atarget is killed unless you are facing a top DPS hero.


Duran — his abilities are a little slow to recharge and he doesn’t offer much more in the way of support or damage, but his heal and self heal are incredibly powerful. Not much else to say about him.

Nightingale — she use to be one of the best healers in the game, hands down.


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