High Dragon Priest! The Highlander Train Continues | Standard | Hearthstone

So many classes! So many Highlander opportunities!

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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
‣ Contact: jnzanehd@gmail.com


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48 thoughts on “High Dragon Priest! The Highlander Train Continues | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. Trump you have high 7/10 potential.. quit showing up looking like a 4/10. You are handsome and I know it.

  2. Bruh the mayor of value town is already a snack, but when he takes off the glasses, he's a full course meal. 😩😩😩

  3. Jnz is without a doubt my favorite hearthstone editor. Dude makes me laugh with every goofy joke he puts in these videos. 😂

  4. You said the word 'blurry' at the beggining and video turned to 144p at the same time, had to type it

  5. So what happened to the Galakronds Awakening chapter 4 Heroic? Did Trump never do them? Are they just not being uploaded for some reason? I don't watch his streams so I don't even know if he ever did them or not.

  6. that Yoshi-blep in the beginning made me laugh so much, thank you Jens 🙂 it's the little things like these that get me

  7. Welp, I just tried this deck, and in my very first game I took a Galakrond rogue to fatigue, had a solid value war with him (that I was inevitably winning) and then killed him with his own Leeroy that I stole using a randomly generated Madam Lazul. I also managed to shuffle three Waxadreds into my deck. I'd say that was a pretty cool first game

    UPDATE: I am now 5-0 with the deck. Nice.

  8. Seems I have the same eyesight as Trump. Ultra blurry. He should try playing like that sometime and see how well he does lol

  9. Jens please never stop editing Trump's content, your impact cannot be denied.

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