Highlander Priest: The King of Value | Standard | Hearthstone

I officially declare this deck as the most value generating one!
Intro Music by: Blue.Nocturne http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01889/

Deck Code: AAECAa0GHh7cAZcCyQaKB9MKgpQDmJsD65sDoaED/KMD0aUD8qUDmakDn6kD8qwDha0DgbEDkbED47QDk7oDm7oDr7oDsLoD9LsDyL4D5r4DyMADptUDp9UDAAA=


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46 thoughts on “Highlander Priest: The King of Value | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. That last game… I bet that dude was 1 win away from legend and trump pulled that nozari out his butt… I would have been Reeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Zephrus offering consecration makes no sense. It's supposed to be the perfect answer and it's straight up worse than Holy nova

  3. very good priest game, the super late game of the matchup is fun to watch, just look at this game

  4. Galakrond is useless vs Rogue… you WILL need that heal-heropower throughout the entire game.

  5. 4:22 "Opponent has a lot of control cards" Yeah, it's goddamn Priest. They have nothing but control cards

    Also, at 11:40, the opponent's entire hand (except for the card drawn on turn 4) is generated cards. WTF

  6. 22:00 Yeah, the only way you could lose: the opponent going full retard. I hated that one more than the match itself.

  7. Straight from Trump Laboratories: Playing a controlling Priest deck with no duplicates…

  8. Idk how you won that first game.. every time the priest hit the button he got a legendary or epic

  9. By the Gods, watching a priest mirror match is like watching 2 glaciers trying to fight eachother. Nothing happens for 10000 years.

  10. heal remove,heal remove again so boring,another control warrior priest deck,he got cards made for rogue but by mistake added to priest

  11. Priest still loses to quest warrior in the value game. I played nothing but quest warrior this month all the way to legend and priests were free wins basically, only ever lost once to priest when he got like four bloodboil brutes with thoughtsteals and Lazul, and managed to resurrect Kargath prime with Catarina when his res pool was full of random small minions.

  12. 36:03 can anyone tell me why Shadow Word: Pain is better than Penance in this situation?

  13. as much as people hate aggro meta, I'd rather lose to a face deck than play a 45 min game and lose… fuck Priests and whoever plays them

  14. I beat these pesky priests by roping them every turn while working out. They deserve it.

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