HIPSTER MEGA DEMONS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Big Demons done the wrong way… right!
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35 thoughts on “HIPSTER MEGA DEMONS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I love uploads of you losing. Makes me want to watch your videos more knowing that it won’t have the same predictable ending. Great video Kripp!

  2. Kripp coming with the big brain cod plays. I cant have fun so ill blow everyone up and maybe that'll get a laugh. Genius

  3. If you suck you can get a lucky headshot…. yeah this is why FPS suck now days lol, wonder why he moans when someone with a worse build beats him with RNG

  4. kripp no one cares about ur irl stuff, dont mention that shit everytime in the intro its annoying

  5. I mean, good games, especially fps, should reward skill over anything else, that's what ranks are for, even if you are not a godlike player you can still have fun playing with people around the same level of skill as yours

  6. 21st of May: I will go pogo every single time when I hit 1 thousand million subs
    23rd of May: Kripp is the very first twitch streamer who have hit 1 billion subscribers!

  7. The best players should be able to win almost all the time imo. Hate the idea of gitting gud just to lose to RNG or suicide explosive attacks.

  8. 14:34 I give like for the honest sharing, I started to wonder how I was feeling back then, really deep moment in BG history

  9. I thought demon + soul juggler builds were meant to secure top 4 but not win, according to Kripp? This is what happened and he got very lucky on the way.

  10. The average chance for Kripp to win the winnable games was 56'39%.
    The "average luck" for Kripp was 68'97 (Where 0'01 would represent incredible difficult outcomes and 99'9 the most likely ones).
    The chance for Kripp to (hypothetically) stay alive and win both of his last two games was 0'017%

    Special mention to a 2'3% tie

  11. My buddy was one of those "not good at CoD" guys but we set up a system where he'd defend flags on domination and he got really good at it, while I was the one out pubstomping everyone. This was back on PC Modern Warfare 2 though. The good ol days.

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