Holy Ripple OTK?! Is It Even Possible? | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Standard Galakrond Priest OTK combo deck is to use Malygos combined with Holy Ripple! We do this by playing Malygos, Grave Rune, Embalming Ritual, Shadowy Figure, Breath of the Infinite, and Holy Ripple! 31 damage! Fun meme deck! Good luck!

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26 thoughts on “Holy Ripple OTK?! Is It Even Possible? | Hearthstone

  1. BEST intro so far Mark, stick it to the chinese government sympathisers! We are TAKING OVER! (You can tell im salty at them because i got the virus!)

    11:05 mindhumble: …..now THAT is what i call overkill! 18:16 me three! great idea.

  2. I stopped playing and even watching hearthstone like 3 expansions ago and I still love coming here for these videos. So damn inventive and thoughtful. Keep it up my man.

  3. Should have played Piper the turn before otk to draw the other Piper and guarantee the combo.

  4. How would you make this deck in wild? I feel like there would be some cards that you could have in that would make the combo more easy/faster to pull off?

  5. I think these Fate Weaver combos are so cool, but wow managing hand size can be tricky. Saw the end of this one over on reddit when it was #1, but had to come watch the whole game! Good stuff man

  6. Be honest about your Decks please. This Deck has a winrate close to 0%. If you face ANYTHING with a little board power. Even a noob like me can tell you this deck will in 99 of 100 duels not even get to the part where they can start the Fate Weaver. People wasting Dust on this becouse you recorded this with a friend or took the 1 out of 100 duels. Sounds fun in theory and is fun when it actually works 10 % of the time. The other 90% you wont live to see turn 7 vs all the Braindead Face Rush Huntards on Lader and Casual who just needs to play everything they draw and draw it onto face. Sad to say but this is the truth. Love those Combo Decks but they just dont work most of the time sadly.

  7. Is it worth to craft maly? for this deck or rogue? i mean can you climb with this kind of deck

  8. Just before your last turn, why not play the piper to draw the last piper, guaranteeing the breath draw, before using plague

  9. The second last turn you should've played Piper. It would mean you'd have lethal every time next turn rather than 50% of the time.

  10. This channel is great. No nonsense and gets straight to the game after a short explanation. Great gameplay and good commentary

  11. I tried a similar deck but I used grave rune on malygos with wretched reclaimer and two holy ripples for 32 damage. Happy to see someone else trying combo priest still

  12. Wouldn’t Jepetto Joybuzz be a good addition? If you could get Malygos down to 1 cost, you save 8 mana on the combo

  13. The mental image of “Malygeese” made me laugh way harder than it should, like imagine a flock of tiny Malygeese flying around in V formations in the spring and honking

  14. HI I Have a similar combo wich i succed 2 weeks ago . Basicly you need 2 fate weavers to put maligos on 7 , after you need grave horror to put on your mana wich is gone cost you 2 mana and after you need the priest minion with 3 mana that kills a minion and resurect with full hp wich is gone cost 1 mana and you need 2 holy riple wich is gone cost 0 mana for 32 damage otk but you need to galakrond 2 times and cast your fate weavers when you alrady have all key cards in hand. maligos grave horror the 3/3 mnion wich kills and resurect a friendly minion and the 2 holy riples

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