Hosty @Pinnacle2 Hearthstone tournament - side by side comparison (enhanced)

Actual side-by-side comparison:

Regarding the stream sniping accusations against Hosty at the Pinnacle 2 tournament, I made a side by side video comparison. There was a 10 minute delay on the stream, the video is cut to the corresponding time stamps. Hosty’s facecam is zoomed in and mirrored. As you can see in the reflection in the background, there are some undeniable similarities between the original stream and the content on Hosty’s scond screen at:
0:04 cut from caster screen to hero overview
0:15 change from hero overview to mulligan
0:58 mulligan done

Original video (VOD at Amaz’ twitch):


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28 thoughts on “Hosty @Pinnacle2 Hearthstone tournament — side by side comparison (enhanced)

  1. Sorry for the dumb question, but how is he cheating if the stream has 10m delay?

  2. Am I the only one that saw this live and knew from the beginnign he was watching the stream? Because it was so fucking obvious! The way he was looking to the side all the time…

  3. Actually anyone who keeps watching, will see that he's watching his second screen for all of his games, whereas the stream is minimized halfway through the first game and only shows up in the second while he's browsing about. He's said many times that Ropecoach tilts him because he takes so long, this is not just in tournaments, he gets somewhat annoyed on stream as well, difference is that on stream he talks to people. If you watch the vod, you can see him browsing websites etc in between.
    I'm not saying this looks bad, he shouldn't have had the stream open at all, but him watching his second screen is something he seems to do to keep him from not tilting. Btw I do that as well, I got a 21:9 and always go 50/50 whereas I'm doing something else on the other screen in slow games.

  4. So having a second monitor means your cheating? The video doesn't prove he was watching the stream, which had a 10+ minute delay, fact. Just b/c someone looks to their right at another monitor doesn't prove anything. Of course he was in chat, so were other players, they're all part of the same tourney…not uncommon at all. i'll buy it when/if there's proof. He has said many times on stream this is how he plays…he always browses the internet while playing. Show actually proof, not conjecture.

  5. Anyone who still doubts this should watch the video. Those animations pretty much 100% confirm it.

  6. i dont understand what was on hostys 2nd screen? i thought the reflection was his own screen.

  7. Yeah sniping on a 10 minute stream delay, is totally cheating, its not like i would defend this kid, but this is ridiculous.

  8. If there is no 10 min delay then this tournament is fucking fail to begin with and unfortunally he was only one getting cought. Do you think people wearing headphones were listening mp3s or announcers telling strats.

    It's like putting blame only on lance armstrong when in top30 everyone is fucking CHEATER.

    I won't watch finals and I don't give a fuck who wins 20 grand free to cheat tournament.

    Also you people are fucking retarded get a grip and understand whole picture.

  9. What a dumbass, at least if he wanted to cheat he could have done it with some more smartness and avoid the reflection…

    And I'm not justifying stream sniping, in my opinion cheating in these games is completely anti-ethical and disrepectful, especially in this occasion where Hosty was playing in a tournament organised by his own team.

    Now his career as a pro player (and probably as a streamer too) is definetely finished.

  10. Wait, isn't the reflection in the frame just Hosty's own Hearthstone screen? It looks perfectly synced with the live game, so there is no delay, as there should be if that was the reflection of the stream. Or did I miss something?

  11. Hosty got a chance to win money yet he ruins his career by being a cheating asshole. Wonder if he was also sniping others so he can feel good about himself and saying he is a good player in this game. Just play for brains Hosty, then again. Cheating while being recorded to see a clear mirror reflecting the game for you to cheat is the dumbest thing ever and for tha,t you should just be banned or rather come play. Your stupidity in this game won't last the first round and give other people free wins for not having any experience, iq or honor to play fair.

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