Hot Pursuit - VoV Plays XCOM: Enemy Within - Part 12

The alien menace rears it’s ugly head once again in XCOM: Enemy Within! In this episode we begin some much needed construction projects, attempt to bring peace back to the streets, and chase a muton all over the place…

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22 thoughts on “Hot Pursuit — VoV Plays XCOM: Enemy Within — Part 12

  1. Attacking the alien base will trigger the base defence misson shortly afterwards so think about this carefully

  2. Dude vangard of valor a new stuff like new drone,wepon, systems, events, and new soundtracks
    happiing in ftl faster then light now its on the ipad it coming early 2014

  3. So I know the arms and legs got chopped..but is the vag still there or plated over? couldn't find it on the wiki
    The troop colors DLC? When is Steam gonig to put this game on sale argh.

  4. This episode would be perfect if you played the Benny Hill theme in the background and sped up the video.

  5. Read a cool suggestion on the 2k forums

    12. A pair of heavies(or a support in a pinch) with suppression makes capturing aliens a cake walk. Rotate turns suppressing the alien. One suppresses and the other reloads until your assault with an arc thrower can close and finish the deal. Grenades and pistol shots are great to weaken up thin men and floaters.

  6. what if you were interrogation the outsider in the first place, will that *friend be connected to another outsider as well?

  7. I don't know if it's changed in Enemy Within, but enemies usually refuse to move if they see you put units on overwatch. Might have been a good way to lock that muton down early. Nice capture either way.

  8. 29:35, one of the scientists are trying to talk to another and he's just like "yeah, uh-huh, sure, shut up- I mean I agree…"

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