How Am I Going To WIN Without THAT?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1451

How Am I Going To WIN Without THAT?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1451

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ES_Candy Hat — Carlton Lees
ES_Bought a Used Car — Alvaro Antin
ES_Lend Me Your Hand — Grip City Cronies
ES_Farewell Fiona — Epocha
ES_Runnin’ Late — Mike Franklyn
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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41 thoughts on “How Am I Going To WIN Without THAT?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1451

  1. I just want some consistency with their wording. It clearly says every third spell not every third, sixth, ninth etc spell.

  2. I have blood elves of all possible classes in WoW at max level because of Kael'thas!
    I have gotten Kael'thas Master Skin in HotS (when that was a thing lol)
    I have played mage for the first time in almost six months again because of free pyroblasts! Even when I get pyro'ed, it's a blast!

    I think I might have… a little magic addiction. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. I think Kael is a little broken right now. But I’m betting once Outland releases, he’ll go the way of vargoth and we’ll only see him in specialized decks

  4. Author can you please make opening part last 20-21 or 30-31 seconds so it could be easily skipped buy tapping the phone screen a few times pls?

  5. If res priest was aloud to have vargorth out of that blasted tower then im sure it is fair to otk them with kaelthas.I dont think the card is that op it is just that miracle decks beat slow ones as it should be .Talking about standard tho.I know that the situation in wild is "wild" but idc.

  6. Do we want a nerf? Yes. Will we get a nerf? No. Look at Vargoth. Both equal a win when drawn on curve. Both need to be toned down but will never be.

  7. In Standard, Khael’thas is okay…Any class with several 0 or 1 mana spells can go nuts. On wild, he’s brutal. A new archetype that can challenge Warlocks. Depending on how he’s exploited when DH and the expansion hits, they’ll nerf his cost and/or spell quantity.

  8. Kael'thas seems a bit to strong when you can coin him out on turn five and otk your opponent. 8 mana would be more fitting, but still nothing that can be done against an otk

  9. Compared to Vargoth, Sunstrider Is requires more deck Building but can be more rewarding. Also, Sunstrider Is not broken as he can't give you TWO extra turns in Wild.

  10. He's definitely too strong. You shouldn't be able to do a billion damage and draw a billion cards for free. They should change it to every 4th spell being free so it's a lot harder to chain

  11. I honestly think Kael'thas i too strong, I've seen druids in wild casting 0 mana ultimate infestations and you have some mages in standard casting 0 mana pyroblasts. I think it's overkill at this point to have so many cards that allow you to cheat out high mana cards for pratically nothing.

  12. 4:20 That's the same that happened with Lt.Eddy not so long ago. The two best Classic Legendary minions!

  13. Kael'Thas: Just a new toy to do experiments and play a bit with, until he will be forgotten and irrelevant in 1 month.

  14. Kael'thas miracle druid in wild is making itself out to be an incredibly powerful and consistent deck, which feels very difficult to disrupt whatsoever

  15. I feel like Kael’Thas has to be nerfed. It should either cost more or have its effect every fourth spells. I feel like it rewards hoarding cheap spells too much and makes player have some ridiculous mana curve.

  16. well,my Kael'thas and Barnes always at the end of my deck. And that's how I win the game with Yogg.

  17. Not a problem for me, im not playing constructed so for me he may even have battlecry: fire pyroblast into your opponent face until he concede 🙂

  18. Did Blizz changed Yogg back? He's destroying hinself and the battlecry still going on.

  19. Just make it so the spell cost 1 instead of 0 it still fits the theme and is more balanced and still allows for combos

  20. Whoever knows silvername in RL needs to get him some serious mental help before he becomes a serial killer. There are many screws loose in that boy's head

  21. My opinion on Kaelthas: its another legendary that requires a deck to be build around it. And its not even worth the effort

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