How GOOD is Aranna? - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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15 thoughts on “How GOOD is Aranna? — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Now that her hero power is only 5 rolls? Is it now better to just roll 5 times on tier 1 and get 7 units for your first buy? It seems slow but sounds like it will make finding triples early very easy.

  2. hey Amaz hope you are having a great day, been watching every video u posted u are AMAZing and prolly one of my fav HS battlegrounds streamer of all time!

  3. Why putting menace on egg? I remember it replaced the 8/8 if there’s no enough space

  4. This hero would be top if it was like every time your tavern refresh you stack one for getting the upgraded hero power and make it like 7 or 8 refreshes

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