How Is He Not Dead? 😡 Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Can Amaz miss lethal even in BG’s? Watch till the end..

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23 thoughts on “How Is He Not Dead? 😡 Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I know hearthstone hurt you just like it hurt me scamaz will return when hes ready until that day keep up the battlegrounds.

  2. Uhm, no

    Friends is one of those series that ended while it was still just as good as when it began

  3. lol has trollers in every server playing ranked in plat eune its a coin flip who gets the most trolls

  4. The fact that he didnt realise he missed lethal at first 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I was playing earlier today and won against someone with 1 health when it tallied up and hit him I looked away and looked back and he was still alive and he got hit for 20+ from the person before me and I hit him for 20+ a well

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