HOW IS SIX JUGGLERS NOT ENOUGH?! - Hearthstone Battleground

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34 thoughts on “HOW IS SIX JUGGLERS NOT ENOUGH?! — Hearthstone Battleground

  1. At 14:28, you really should have returned the servant and gotten the Imprisoner. That thing dies, pops another imp, which dies again: 24 damage off pings. And you should have switched the mom and the battlemaster to avoid cleaves.

  2. I never get Jugglers. Especially not when I play demons. Remember when demons weren't the bottom tier strat?

  3. thanks to the editor of these thumbnails, makes it easy to skip the murloc build videos. (I find them beyond boring)

  4. I got bs’ed with a soul juggler build too recently. Got early double soul juggler w/good demon selection and come against a guy who instantly snipes both jugglers with a golden kaboom bot and I take a bunch of damage. I go into next fight and then both jugglers instantly get sniped by a golden red whelp. Got 8th. Sometimes RNG just does you dirty xD

  5. Kripp always misplays juggler builds by prioritizing big demons over token demons late game. Two of the 3/3 taunt demons are better than a triple. That demon is better than the one star that buffs something else. It's all about creating as many demons that actually die as possible and then sequencing them to do that. Opening with the taunt/token is good because it drops the token when it dies and the token attacks the next turn. As long as your board has 3-4 taunts, you'll be blasting up their minions instead of hoping for lucky attacks.

  6. No, they need to incentivize BGs. I just started playing it, and I don't understand the point of it. It gives you nothing and takes too much time to play. Rather play ranked. Or Brawls. Or Arena. Or anything that actually gives rewards. Even making it count for quests would help.

  7. When you play juggler build,you need your demons to be as weak as possible,which will make sure to counter zap,and also make your units die very fast to get juggler value before they are sniped. My board is usually 2 3-3 taunt dude,2 voidlords,1 imp gang boss or imp mama and jugglers. All without a single buff (buff jugglers a bit if your hero allows,so they dont die to bombs or whatever) and it works most of the time

  8. The number of ads you place in this video is almost inspiring me to start using adblock software. I dont use it on principle but when there is like 6 of them in a 20 min video its annoying

  9. The Luck Factor™* for Kripp was 0,06 on the good luck and 11,48 on the bad luck. Kripp was quite unlucky this game.
    The average chance for Kripp to win the winnable games was 95,16%.

    The average outcome for Kripp was 76,64 (Where 0,01 would represent incredible difficult results and 99,9 the most likely ones).

    *The Luck factor is calculated based on the real outcome vs the possible ones. (100% and 0% results are excluded since no luck was involved).
    -> A Luck Factor™ of 0,01 would represent everything went as expected with only a negligible amount of luck (as in 99,9% win/tie/loss).
    -> A Luck Factor™ of 1 would represent the luck of winning a coin flip.
    -> The higher the Luck Factor™, the luckier (or unluckier) he was.

  10. Tldr; copypasted from a reply so maybe I can get some thoughts. Dont make tokens do 0 damage because it kills perception of strength when looking at the history (not included in comment) and also forces what is a token to be defined which can be iffy in things like khadgar tabbycat strats. Increase hero health pools and base damage off attack stat + tavern tier so rat early game is less impactful + fixes other 1/1 token wins a bit more. Allows minions spawned by other deathrattles to also do more fair damage with a tiny bit of rng.
    Increase hero health pools but increase the damage done by all other sources except things spawned in combat in order to dampen how much they matter? So say your ghastcoiler does 12 damage on its own when alive, but if it dies and happens to spawn 2 6 stars they would do say, 3 damage each making it half the ghastcoiler? I'm not certain how to fix ratpack early game tbh. Yeah its bullshit but I dont think 0 damage is the answer at all. Maybe have damage be dependent on stats to some extent? Like if you increase hero health totals then you can afford to play around with how damage numbers work by maybe making it so that a 20/20 does more damage than a 1/1 of the same tavern tier, allows for the same kind of damage scaling that you see with increasing your tavern tier doing more damage. It doesnt change much because late game builds with super high stats dont really get much of a benefit since everyone is basically already dead before you get to them without good luck anyways, basically only makes heros like pyramad more scary. Maybe base it off attack stat? That way when you have your divine shield poisonous murlocs, you get your megasaur and the flaming claws option is viable in some situations since it can increase your damage very slightly and also makes buff heroes like pyramad and deathwing not an issue since deathwing will also the have the drawback of taking more damage on a loss and health is not the damage scaler so pyramad doesnt do insane damage early. Obviously it would need to still add up to a whole number so there would need to be a formula that wouldnt make attack do crazy extra numbers of damage but also not allow for decimals. Maybe just round up/down. I dont play the game much I just watch youtubers really so I could be completely wrong but I feel like making tokens do zero just forces what is or isnt a token to be defined which is a little bit hard. Does the 1/1 spawned by tidehunter do 1 damage? If I have the khadgar strat and sell off everything except my tabby cats do I do zero damage with my 99/99 cats that you basically cant beat without poison, all because they're spawned by another card? Besides, making spawned tokens do zero basically makes deathrattle builds and exodia completely worthless and they're the only fun thing to watch anymore imo even if they're super bs sometimes especially deathrattle.

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