HOW MANY RAZORGORES IS TOO MANY!? | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

Razorgore is absolutely insane right now in the right build, so why stop at only one of them?

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Battlegrounds | Hearthstone | HOW MANY RAZORGORES IS TOO MANY!?


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39 thoughts on “HOW MANY RAZORGORES IS TOO MANY!? | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. I just played a ysera game, got two golden razorgores and 2 kalecgos, it was hilarious how many raw S T A T S I had

    Opponents were deathrattle demons and deathrattle beasts so my S T A T S were just bigger then their S T A T S

    My hero opptions were ysera and Alex so I knew I could force dragons super easy

  2. Tbvh leaving the cobalt over having the taunt is sooooooo wrong. . The divine shield buffing dragon would get snipped and potentially lose the game straight.

  3. For the next sentence I will be only using suggested words. Enjoy.

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  4. Why keep the Razorgore you just bought for the last fight of the game when there's a Drakonid Enforcer in the shop and you have 2 gold? Razorgore became 8/10 for that one round (yes it's a pair, but were you expecting that to end in a draw? You have 3 health and he has 1), Drakonid Enforcer would be a guaranteed 7/10 by the time it gets hit, potentially a 19/22 if it were the last to get hit. Either way, it'd need only 3 divine shields (including its own) to be removed before it would've been better than your Razorgore.

  5. can anyone tell me the name of the 3rd party app used to display the minion list and tiers on the right side please thanks

  6. i once had 8 (yes, 8) razorgores, some being REALLY big coz i got my first one of early zerus, with nadina and kalecgos, when there was still like 4 people alive. AAAAND i ended up 4th becouse i went against somebody who was lucky eneugh to switch small poisonous divine shield murlocs with 2 poisonous mackarels

  7. I wish someone could tell him to act a little less cocky like dear lord your chat tells you something that would have made more sense but you can’t take there critique, I like your channel but you SERIOUSLY need to fix that. Please like so Regis can see this and fix it 👍

  8. 15:57
    regiskillbin: "idk if i should triple this: on one hand, i get 1 extra slot, on the other hand, i lose 2 divine shield. this is a very tough call, as im losing more divine shields than I'm gaining slots, I'm actually consider not tripling"
    also regiskillbin: gets 5 divine shields from triple discover
    solid cost-benefit analysis

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