HOW TO BALANCE WARRIOR | Tempo Strategy Hearthstone | [Ashes of Outland]

With Demon Hunter facing another nerf recently, players might be asking themselves why Warrior is so hard to balance. The deck is widely considered the best deck in the game, but remains only slightly touched. Join us as we take a deeper look into how this deck could be balanced in an upcoming patch!

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26 thoughts on “HOW TO BALANCE WARRIOR | Tempo Strategy Hearthstone | [Ashes of Outland]

  1. The thing that's kinda bugging me is that it is not just Tempo Warrior that is too strong. It is the cards like Bloodboil Brute and the Combos like Risky Skipper and Armorsmith which make the class so strong. You can build literally any Warrior deck and throw in just the good core cards and you are gonna have a good deck with a good balance between tempo and control. That is what in my opinion makes the class so strong right now.

  2. Chess that’s just to good and well thought and makes me sad that it will never be reality, probably blizzard will just destroy those cards

  3. Armorsmith should be a candidate for the nerfs. If Warrior is going all in face, then they should not have that much armor. Perhaps armor smith been 1/3 could be good

  4. Rotate hard removals other than brawl and nerf that cost 7 brute to only reduce its cost based on the number of YOUR damaged minions.

  5. My suggestions:
    Warrior: nerf risky skipper to a 2-mana 1/3 or maybe 1/4 and battle rage as suggested by the video.
    DH: nerf second slice to 1-mana.
    Rogue: nerf galakrond to "cards drawn cost (1)" and shadowjeweler hanar to 3-mana.
    Priest: change galakrons's hero power.
    Hunter: nerf stormhammer to 2/2 or 2/3 and rotnest drake to 5/5.

  6. I think this deck shouldn't be nerfed because of its complexity, it's not that easy to set up these big swing turns without being fairly experimented with the deck, while highlander mage or hunter can just play on curve overpowered cards and win on the spot (Dinotamer, drag queen ect..).

  7. Since Demon Hunter seems like it will fall in power level some with the need to Twin Slice, I'm hoping the meta would open up a bit for decks that counter warrior instead of nerfing Warrior.

  8. I hate risky skipper. Galakronds awakening has too many powerful cards and I refuse to buy a "solo adventure". Its a dumb concept for money by blizz. I'll buy bundles, not solo garbage

  9. I've been a good little boy and played Warrior from the beginning of the expansion while all the netdeckers played DH and Rogue. You leave my class alone, Blizzard!

  10. Warrior and Rogue need nerfs for months now! But yeah… keep beating and hating DH until it dies. That's what people want right?

  11. Nah this is just dumb demon hunter brought this deck to life and priest is keeping it at bay, I don’t hate demon hunter is a new class and is out of the clown fiesta of hs but rogue, priest, mage the whole game is way too damm random

  12. I tend to think that Corsaire Cache has something to do in Warrior's current strength. The class has the best deck in Standard AND Wild and Corsaire Cache is a key card in both. Tutoring the most important card in your deck and buffing it on curve is very powerful, maybe too powerful

  13. Just nerf corsair. Nerfing skipper would just make galakrond warrior and other wild warriors super weak.

  14. Reducing the health by 1 for brute won't make a difference. Maybe changing it's cost to 8 or 9 might make difference. Warmul is fine and needed VS aggro. Battle Rage is fine and it needs to be a good card and not just average.

  15. OK so there's no "Tempo Warrior" on HSReplay, but Egg, Bomb, and Enrage Warrior are the top 3 winrate decks at Legend. Are all 3 considered Tempo?

  16. I don't agree with battle rage, it would make the card unplayable in other metas.
    Drawing too many cards is also bad againts priest as you open yourself up for early fatigue.
    The other 2 nerfs I probably agree with , worse thing to do to a card if you want to kill it is to nerf its mana cost so I agree with the minor hp nerfs.

    But seriously this is getting out of hand with all these nerfs its not healthy for a card game , it makes us all feel nervous when crafting decks it really sucks big time… They need to play test their cards a bit more before releasing them, like have a bunch of pros play test before release like any other competitive online game company does.

    The biggest thing to fix this for the future expensions is that blizzard needs to stop being greedy little shits and open a separate test server before every expension comes out and people can play test the decks for free, but that would be too much fun for the players with no direct benefit to blizzard's wallets…

  17. Unsubscribed. Loved you b4r but now your analysis are full of BS. Why should you ever want to nerf warrior? It is not dominant. It has natural counters. With DH is slowed down also Warrior will have tougher times.
    You guys are just full of BS statements and ideas lately. QM being tier S deck. Father nerf of quest mage. Lol. Now this.
    Farewell. Keep your head cool and chill out a bit. Take a break or something

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