How to Install Diablo 2 on Windows 10 in 2018

How to Install Diablo II on Windows 10 in 2018


1. 00:36 — Make sure there are no Diablo II installations currently on the PC.

Start Menu, Settings, Apps, and search for «Diablo II»; if it comes up, uninstall it; if you have an existent «Diablo II» folder where you would like to install the game, delete it.

2. 01:08 — Download the digital installers from the website.

From the Account Settings page, go to ‘Games & Codes’ and ‘Download Clients’.

2a. If you need a game version that is older than 1.14, you’ll need an older installer (link below to 1.12a installers).

3. 02:59 — Install the game using your official cd-keys (26 digit / digital).

First install Diablo II, selecting the desired install location (I use E:/Games/Diablo II), then install Lord of Destruction. You can find your registered keys on the website under your Account Settings by selecting Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction to go to their respective pages which each has a game key. Alternatively, use the following two links to find your keys:

4. 04:26 — Set Compatibility Mode for WinXP SP3 and enable ‘Run as Admin’ for ‘Diablo II.exe’

In the Diablo II installation folder, right-click ‘Diablo II.exe’ and go to Properties. In the Compatibility tab, check ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:’ and select ‘Windows XP (Service Pack 3)’ from the dropdown menu. Then, check «Run this program as an administrator’. Hit ‘OK’.

4a. If using a version of Diablo II older than 1.14, repeat this step on ‘D2VidTst.exe’ as well, then run D2VidTst.exe, hit ‘Run Test’ (screen will change resolution and go black periodically), and when it finishes select the Direct3D option and hit ‘OK’.

5. 05:23 — Make a windowed mode shortcut to Diablo II.

Create your shortcut where desired, right-click on it and open its Properties, then add «-w» to the end of the Target line. Add «-skiptobnet» as well if you only play online and want to skip the first menu when you open the game. Add these commands outside of the existing quotation marks with a space before each.

6. 05:58 — Update the game to the latest patch by running the game and connecting to from the main menu. Time to play some D2!

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Diablo II & LoD 1.12a Installers


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32 thoughts on “How to Install Diablo 2 on Windows 10 in 2018

  1. Thanks this worked for me. Time to revisit some memories. (Only drawback is can’t watch cutscenes or full screen) but at least it works

  2. Are the setup files downloaded on drm-free? I mean can you install the game offline? Is the key you put in before the installation checked by blizzard server?

  3. i didnt download it from the site , i already have diablo 2 and diablo 2 LOD which i bought from a store, will my game still work ?

  4. You need to buy the game in order for this to work, the CD key code is given to you after you pay the games. I don't know if this work if you bougth the game long ago, but at least the new CD Key they gave me is quite diferent from the one i had

  5. I keep ketting a error message when starting it up to terminate the program. I ignore it and try to download the patch and once its done I get messages saying it couldn't me completed and then closes it all down. any help would be noice

  6. okay so 8 months i got the base game to work. i go to download the patch for online but it fails… but at least i can play the game offline. anyone know how to fix this problem?

  7. No issues until the part where I'm supposed to enter the key. It simply doesn't give me the prompt to do so when I run the installers. Can someone PLEASE give me some guidance on how to resolve this?

  8. the downloader demands me to insert a CD. i dont have one tho. cant circumvent this. now i cant play LOD. Great

  9. UPDATE: This guide is currently working as of November 2019. The Blizzard website is formatted differently, but the procedure is pretty much the same.
    NOTE: Upon testing, the -skiptobnet shortcut command seems to be crashing the game when it starts up. If your game crashes when trying to run, remove this command from the shortcut target line.
    UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS VIOLATION (c0000005) error? It's quite common when trying to install D2. I found a handy little guide by Karakaz that can be found here:

    Following the steps on page 4 of this guide was the solution I needed (Allowing diablo II to run even more freely by adding an exception for it in the OS's DEP list). The guide depicts this being done on Windows 8, but I can confirm that this works on Windows 10 as well; you'll find the window you need by going to the Start Menu, Settings, System, About, System info (top right of window), then Advanced system settings, then the Settings button in the Performance box, and finally the Data Execution Prevention tab of this last window is where you'll add the exception. If that doesn't work for you, try out the other tips in the guide and let us know what works. Hope this helps!

  10. How come when I try to install just Diablo 2 I get nothing but script errors in freaking thing stops installing at 98% how in the hell are you playing at on Windows 10 there's no freaking way

  11. Thank you for the video. By the way, I love the D2 background music in the video!! It's awesome!

    for diablo 2

    VYFYBP-8TH6-PZ4924-6NRH-NJH9KZ for diablo 2 lod

  13. When I tried to download from the blizzard site, the installer wont work, it just says play diablo 2 and and when I press the button nothing happens. I followed the first steps perfectly and I dont know whats going on

  14. after ive downloaded both, ill click on the installer, then click on play diablo II, and nothing happens. any ideas?

  15. Gonna assume this video is for you are not buying it from blizzard…because if it is then this video is completely out of date and useless now. You just have to download D2 from their link and then download D2 lords after…

  16. Ok I'm stuck at the install part. I've downloaded both classic and lod but when I open the installer.exe file the window pops up and then I'll try to click "Play Diablo 2" and I just hear music but nothing happens. Ive tried going compatibility to Windows Service Pack3, turning off anti-virus and rebooting PC. It also does the same thing with LoD installer, you click "Play" but nothing happens, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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