How to Install ONLY PlugY on Diablo 2 in 2018 (No D2SE)

How to do Basic PlugY Install for Diablo II (NO D2SE)


1. 00:47 — Make sure there are no Diablo II installations currently on the PC.

Start Menu, Settings, Apps, and search for «Diablo II»; if it comes up, uninstall it; if you have an existent «Diablo II» folder where you would like to install the game, delete it.

2. 01:15 — Get your files (links below)
— D2 & LoD installers (1.13 or older)
— PlugY installer
— D2LoD 1.13d patch (or as needed)

3. 02:28 — Install Diablo II & LoD (1.13d or older)

4. 03:08 — Update to the necessary patch (1.13d for PlugY 11.02)

Copy+Paste+Replace the files from the LODPatch folder into your Diablo II installation folder.

5. 03:34 — Install PlugY by running ‘PlugY_The_Survival_Kit_v11.02.exe’.

6. 04:05 — Set Compatibility Mode for WinXP SP3 and enable ‘Run as Admin’ for ‘Diablo II.exe’, ‘D2VidTst.exe’, and ‘PlugY.exe’.

In the Diablo II installation folder, right-click ‘Diablo II.exe’ and go to Properties. In the Compatibility tab, check ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:’ and select ‘Windows XP (Service Pack 3)’ from the dropdown menu. Then, check «Run this program as an administrator’. Hit ‘OK’. Repeat for ‘D2VidTst.exe’ and ‘PlugY.exe’ (found in the ‘Mod PlugY’ folder).

7. 4:54 — Run D2VidTst.exe, ‘Run Test’, wait, and select Direct3D.

8. 5:35 — Configure PlugY by editing ‘PlugY.ini’ (in the ‘Mod PlugY’ folder).

I activate windowed mode (ActiveWindowed=1) and disable locking the mouse to the screen (LockMouseOnStartup=0).


Diablo II & LoD 1.12a Installers

PlugY Installer + Official D2LoD Patchers


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