HOW TO PLAY VASHJ (NEW HERO)! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Lady Vash AKA Elise 2.0 comes in to follow Illidan’s footsteps of becoming a mediocre Hero…
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44 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY VASHJ (NEW HERO)! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Gets upset at winning first place too easily. In the meantime, I literally lost a 82%, 88% and a 98.5% to win back to back to back, then lost a 60/40 as the underdog and finished in 7th.

  2. why would you not put the poison on the taunted mackerel? holy shit kripp I'm malding…

  3. When I played Lady Vashj, I hard levelled and froze ecery turn, ending up with 6 6 stars that I could buy.

  4. 20:34 selling the murloc is very good play, certainly above my level but at least i understand it now. 🙂

  5. I understand the disappointment of killing your opponent too quickly it's always fun to try and get the biggest minions and the craziest builds possible before your opponent is killed 😀

  6. 0:16 "slightly worse than Elise" I would say "so much worse than Nozdormu", it's a free reroll but only when you tavern up, very trash. 6:19 that is not a problem with Nozdormu, for example.
    5:36 "Rip in peace all Hearthsones add-on", HearthArena still works.

  7. Kripp's entertainer brain: Build's going pretty well, let's do this thing
    Kripp's real brain: heehoo mrglrgl

  8. All these videos prove that Kripp just loves buffing murlocs. It doesn’t matter if his opponent is dead or has conceded.

  9. Ig I am being weird but thanks for the years of entertainment don't end up like me. Live a good life

  10. lol tavern up into 2 shifters. Now THAT is some streamer luck.

  11. I love how the intro with Kripp being cheery and passionate about the new hero transitions into him being incredibly reluctant to play her lol.

  12. Just remember to buy your triple BEFORE you upgrade tavern 😀 Happened to me in my first game and probably caused me to place 4th instead of 1-2. I had two spawns and got a 3rd one, but accidentally upgraded tavern before buying the spawn… Also had a Baron already…. Then i had to later sell the 2nd Spawn to get more space on board. This hero is decent, but Nozdormu is pretty much the same actually and much better.

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