How to Setup a Hearthstone Deck Tracker

To Track your cards and have your deck displayed Streamers & Content Creators use the Hearthstone Deck Tracker cause it works and thats what its for. Just to clarify it is completely legal and even Ben the Man Brode mentioned a few times that it is not against TOS as it has all the features you could do yourself with Pen and Paper. The installation is literally just downloading it. 1 Step. You cant possibly fail that

Hearthstone Deck Tracker —
Auto Squelch Plug In —


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26 thoughts on “How to Setup a Hearthstone Deck Tracker

  1. English isn't my native language, but it's easy to understad every your word by some reason. I like the way you speak in your videos

    Thank you for showing us wild stuff btw! Is there any ideas for warrior with Varian in deck? Probably something like wild recruit warr?

  2. I didn't think that someone actually need guide to install and use deck tracker LUL

  3. Also, note that if your internet connection is unstable while using HDT, it'll not properly record the statistics.

    So if you've disconnected twice vs Reno Mage (and at the end of the game), instead of "Win" or "Loss", you'll see "None".

    I've been seeing that a lot recently PepeHands.

  4. Can you use this if you want to see missing dusts of deck you're interested to make?

  5. I don’t know why I watched this as I already had deck tracker, but still good video.

  6. my wont work whenever i try to download it on windows it says "server ip address could not be found" im so confused

  7. I didn't know about all the settings, this new power is…intoxicating.

  8. Anybody here tried Zepisguides ? I've got a friend who used it and he got lots of free resᴏᴜʀᴄᴇs.

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