HUGE DAMAGE! Handbuff Hunter Dispatch Kodo OTK! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Wild Handbuff Hunter OTK combo deck is to use Dispatch Kodo combined with Brann Bronzebeard! We do this by buffing the Kodo with Smuggler’s Crate, Scavenger’s Ingenuity, Trogg Beastrager, and Scrap Shot! Then, we copy the Kodo with Ramkahen Wildtamer. Finally, we play Brann to double all the damage! Super fun and easy meme deck! Good luck!

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25 thoughts on “HUGE DAMAGE! Handbuff Hunter Dispatch Kodo OTK! | Hearthstone

  1. I watch all your videos and love what you do. Ive been trying making my own otk malygos rogue and druid decks and its just so fun!! I learned a lot from you so keep it up!

  2. I crafted golden galakrond with the dust from the gold pack. I regret nothing.

  3. Since you said that it's a quick deck beyond your expectations, I wonder if it could be used on climbing the ladder for a side account 🤔

  4. 4:32 8:55 Hey Mark, do you know everyone is waiting for your combo, including your opponents ? We all know you have something fun

  5. I'm really curious is there any combo you come up with doesn't need help from emperor 😂

  6. Me and my non hs-playing sister love ya. Keep up the entertainment! Ever thought about Ginzo as an otk? Draw up to three cards when attacking card

  7. I played a version of this deck that was just a modified Knuckles OTK, buff/discount Kodo, copy it, smash face multiple times, will defo try this version


  8. Wow this is one of the most amazing videos ever! 4:35 He left up your thaurissan as mage with a full hand! Must be a first!
    10:33 ummm lightning DOES strike twice?!
    Great and simple combo again!

  9. Seems like you getting sniped or they know you do YouTube. 2 people doing absolutely nothing.

  10. I played a version of this deck with Scatlet Webweaver instead of Thaurissan. You don't get the handbuff off 100% but after you discount a Kodo you can buff it and then Brann/Ramkahen Wildtamer and do a lot of damage because your copies cost 0.

  11. I was thinking about Emris in this deck and I think it acts like a second Brann since it doubles your damage

  12. I got hit by this deck on ladder a few days ago. I couldn't understand why my hunter opponent wasn't attacking or really playing anything other than buffs lol

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