HUGE DUEL Paladin is NUTS - Hearthstone

Oh how I have missed duel paladin. We’re 75% winrate right now. 15W and 5L

This particular version is 9-2 though

Hakkar is not good in this deck, I was just trying to go with a COVID-19 feel

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Outro Song: Slip by Geographer

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Hey, I’m Dekkster and I play games. If you like Hearthstone gameplay and watching cool quests, this is the channel for you. Enjoy!

HUGE Paladin is NUTS — Hearthstone



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26 thoughts on “HUGE DUEL Paladin is NUTS — Hearthstone

  1. Am I the only one who thinks Dekks looks a bit like Paul Walker back in the days?

  2. What's going on guys, its ya boi, dekkster, and today I will be showing you….. now this deck is surprisingly good…. with cards like… if you have the cards… but since its so close to rotation…

    Hopefully with the new expansion dropping and we get some kind of meta shake up and newer decks, maybe you'll go start doing the deck intros again? at least sometimes with decks that are genuinely new to the scene or reemergence.

  3. The 19 is because it's a novel virus of the year 2019. Meaning discovered or new in 2019

  4. Still haven't gotten any value from Hakaar? Sucks dude I guess the virus is harder to spread than we thought. Don't worry buddy you'll spread the plague soon enough.

  5. I love how you put hakkar in there but because it's covid 19 yet it did actually nothing the whole time.

  6. Dekks — you bringing the 'stache back? Because it looks like you're bringing the 'stache back!

  7. i am just return to this game,and i spend everything to get a duel paladin deck.Then in game my key cards are all in the bottom of my deck………….

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