I HAVE THE BEST DECK IN HEARTHSTONE *laughs madly* | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

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44 thoughts on “I HAVE THE BEST DECK IN HEARTHSTONE *laughs madly* | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

  1. I'm triggered by how often this SINGLETON deck curves from 1 to 7 and just kills you.

  2. "Hmm, i wonder why this video is 40 minutes long?" Match vs control warrior begins. "aaaah"

  3. This is actually super impressive. I can't remember the last time Trump made a deck that had this big an impact on the meta and did this well. And these games are super impressive too.

  4. "Zephrys knows best." — Trump, 2019
    " … *sad silence… " — Hulk Hogan, 2019

  5. Highest winrate doesn't mean best deck. Decks that are easy to use often have inflated winrates, just like decks that are hard to use, like old patron warrior, have a low winrate. It's also likely that your viewers had an advantage as they were playing the deck after watching gameplay of you using it. I say this because the winrate of the deck has now dropped to about 60 percent.

    Also you don't have the highest winrate by two or three percentage points. You clearly show in the video it has a winrate only 1.3 percent higher than the token druid deck below it.

  6. 35:45 Wasting his Warpaths I was like aight then. Then he went Brawl, Plague of Wrath when he had deal 1 damage to all Hero Power . Is this what they mean by a deck carrying the player?

  7. You shouldn't've put the Jenkees at the start, I got triggered and now I have to go listen to that album instead of watching your video…

  8. HOW was Stratos, the last player (and the highest-ranked no less), at such a high rank? There were at least two or three massive misplays he made. The main one which comes to mind is 35:38: he used his entire turn (i.e. 10 mana) and two of his premium board clears, brawl followed by plague of wrath for some bizarre reason, to clear one board, when he could (and obviously should) have used whirlwind hero power + plague of wrath to achieve exactly the same thing for 7 mana and using only one of his highly valuable board clears.

  9. Hunter is TRASH… quickly becoming worse than Mage Warrior and Priest

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