I heard this deck is something worth playing

Reno Druid is an insane deck.. if you face aggro.. and you have Reno on 6..
If you were to face control decks maybe you want to include one copy of Jade Idol and go infinite

Deck Code:

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TWITCH ►► https://www.twitch.tv/Solem
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20 thoughts on “I heard this deck is something worth playing

  1. If you want to double fatigue damage, you can use Stolen Steel or Blingtron 3000 to get a Cursed Blade 🙂

  2. Couldn't you use the Paladin quest to make 2/2 Octosari's over and over again, then N'zoth them all back?

  3. To answer the question on if you can draw alot without playing rogue there is always death rattle hunter with octosari, you have cards like the one that discounts deathrattles, and you have cards like play dead and that one where it activates all of your deathrattles.

  4. Aaaaah, I finally remembered where your outro music comes from. Rhystic Studies, formerly Magic Man Sam uses it too.

  5. Solemn only won first game because he drew Reno. When I play I just lose because no Reno.

  6. Theres no way this couldve been prerecorded solem. stop spreading crazy conspiracies.

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