I let Twitch Chat draft my Arena Deck.. | Solem Hearthstone

Hey something different than usually. I let Twitch Chat draft my arena deck by letting them vote on every single card and this is the result. I do have to admit that I forgot one thing in the second game as you will see and should have skipped that rule. Without any spoilers you will know what I mean. Keeping in minds that I do not play Arena at all, this went well 😀

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22 thoughts on “I let Twitch Chat draft my Arena Deck.. | Solem Hearthstone

  1. What, the wild man can play arena? I know, crazy times we live in! As you will see there is this one little moment that I forgot about in the middle of the video, just let me tell you that it wont happen again for these type of videos :p Mistakes were made. Also, didnt stream today but Tuesday 100% ( twitch.tv/solem )
    Please let me know what you think of this video and the idea in general, it was worth a try and for that it went alright i´d say <3

  2. You know 90% of the fun in arena is making the deck itself and the whole draft and descion making process and you just skip over it like that . easy dislike

  3. Can someone tell me why did Solem concede at the second game? I didn't understand with hear. I kinda like new in this game

  4. An easier way to do it is use the extension that allows you to see where we hover on your stream

  5. 14:15 That's an interesting chart I wonder how accurate it is? Wow Germany has almost double the cases than the US, but 6x less deaths

    16:50 Well damn

    This was great a great run and so much fun! I haven't seen arena in so long and it's my favorite mode 😄 1 suggestion at the end of the draft you should pull up HearthArena to check your deck's score.

  6. I dont like the text under your cam that says what you say i am not stupid i can hear

  7. Forgetting to comment is cool and all, but i think pestering you to play galakrond otk warrior is even cooler

  8. As im watching this video i wonder: should the 3/2 imp that deals 3 dmg get buffed/changed so that it deals less dmg to you? As Hearthstone now has a 2/2 neutral for 1-mana does the +1-attack justifies 3-dmg?

  9. Pretty good, but you should also make polls for the decisions each turn. Would be fun if only for the chat lethals.

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