I made Hearthstone video pls click

Ever wondered how it looks like when you try to play smart decks made by Dane..


Druid: AAEBAZICCkCKDuwV4LsC/esCmu4CjPsC1pkD2p0D6roDCl/+AaDNAofOApjSAp7SAoTmAr/yAo/2AuS6AwA=

Priest: AAEBAa0GHtwB+wGcAu0FuQbTCtYK8gySD80T/BP7FMMWhReDuwK1uwK3uwLYuwLqvwLRwQLfxALTxQLwzwLo0AKQ0wLy7AKXhwPrmwP8owOZqQMAAA==

SECOND CHANNEL ►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZD5une1nstLqAPUdmJweAA
TWITCH ►► https://www.twitch.tv/Solem
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32 thoughts on “I made Hearthstone video pls click

  1. love your vids! Also loved the collab with roffle! So keep up the good content!

  2. I can t watch jt right now but i still clicked i ll watch it a little later thanks for The great content you and roffle are the best of The best

  3. Hey Solem! Actually there's a mod that makes your hero and deck golden only for you, with an option of making your enemy's cards and hero golden too. It's completely legal and has no ban probability. Contact me if interested.

  4. A title like this doesn’t tell me anything about the vid. It doesnt look appealing and only looks like ur begging. Work on it a little more.

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