I MADE IT EVEN BETTER! 19 LEGENDARY DECK! - Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone — The coolest deck ever just got even more amazing!
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Kripp’s One Spell Mage: AAEBAf0EGvYCxQTyBaIJ+Ay5DfoOwxaIrwLPsQK5sgLYuwLCzgK+7AKm8ALF8wLu9gLG+AKggAOKngOhoQP8owOSpAPypQOEpwPfqQMC+AfV4QIA

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33 thoughts on “I MADE IT EVEN BETTER! 19 LEGENDARY DECK! — Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

  1. To be fair that opponent's Secret Mage was the old version with Frost Bolts and stuff. The new version doesn't even have Forgotten Torch in favor of more secrets and secret tutor combined with Arcane Flackmage.

  2. Thanks for the deck! Tried it and got 7-1 at ranks 20-18. Sure, low ranks, but fun deck nonetheless.

  3. Amazing how everyone hated lunas at 7, like it was a immediate disenchant and now its all everyone plays STILL

  4. Normal wild secret mage doesn’t run ray of frost, and that opponent was terrible, but that deck does need a nerf

  5. As someone who plays wild ranked I can say without a doubt secret mage is maximum cancer. The amount of damage they can fling at your face without you being able to stop them is insane.

  6. Secret mage is number 1? Awesome! I used to play secret mage in witchwood I think. I'd love to revisit the deck.

  7. I played against a dude in arena who ran zephrys. I mean wut what are the chances to get the best card for arena

  8. Why does Witchwood Piper respect the cards discount, while Holy Wrath does not (25 damage from the tiger that in fact costs zero mana)???

  9. I made a budget-version of this with 14 Legendaries 😀
    -Star-Aligner (perfect addition!) gets started by Oondasta-Devilsaur-AmaniWarBear-Combo… or u just ping an additional 8/8
    -Orkan-Elementary and Enhance-O-Mechano for some Super-Windfury-Action
    -Nozdormu because i like to play quick and its auto-win against 60-70% of players
    -Highinquisitor Whitemane cause i just got a golden one that looks really nice 😉
    -And Thaurissan to discount the cards u drew before LunasGalaxy

    LichKing, Kalecgos, Siamat, Curator, Ragnaros, Soggoth, BlackKnight, Kazakus, Keysmith
    …..because I dont have them 😀

  10. blizzard would so encourage this deck, hell maybe thats what they were planning when they made luna's pocket

  11. How did he get the Black Knight onto the board without killing his own taunt?

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