I Removed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Magtheridon From my Deck!! - Handlock | Standard | Hearthstone

I might have been wrong on this one guys… woops.



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38 thoughts on “I Removed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Magtheridon From my Deck!! — Handlock | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. Absolutely over the moon with myself since I didn't pay any money to be forced into wild to avoid the 2 demon Hunter decks and the 2 decks trying to kill demon hunters… Anyone else savedatgold gang! 😂😂

  2. This sort of goes to prove why Zephrys is a bit of a problem card from a design perspective.

    You can't include amusing little easter egg interactions like Sac Pac destroying Jaraxxus anymore because Zephrys turns what would otherwise have been a very niche situation that only included for a bit of a laugh into a 100% viable and repeatable strategy that requires no sacrifice or drawback to carry out.

    In it's original incarnation this interaction was fine because the following things held it in check:

    1- You had to be in a Walock vs. Warlock match up (Priest and Rogue can also obtain Sac Pac but that's largely down to RNG rather than anything reliable)
    2- You needed to include at least one copy of Sacrificial Pact in your deck (an inherently limited card given it's only use is either in Warlock mirror matches, a select few legendaries or against your own minions)
    3- You need to hold onto a 0 mana spell for long enough for the game to have not only reached the 10 mana stage but also for someone to have elected to play Jaraxxus (a class specific legendary that tends to be used as a last resort card when at low health)

    As you can see, that is a VERY specific set of circumstances that need to occur in order for this interaction to be anything approaching practical (hence it's inclusion as a bit of a joke technicality) but Zephrys bypasses all of that planning and generates you an automatic 'I win' button with literally no downside (not blocked by taunt, costs 0 mana, doesn't care about enemy health or armour).

    As you can see, this isn't a problem with Sacrifical Pact or even the original interaction it had with Jaraxxus but with the way Zephrys removes a lot of the difficulty in pulling it off and I think it's long since time the card got something of a nerf (maybe something like changing the text to 'draw the perfect card from your deck' so that it still relies on you actually having some good answers ahead of time rather than being a complete get out of jail free card).

  3. In the end, the warlock fell to his own tricks. Rip for Jaraxxus + Eat a demon.

  4. Holy shit Jens, you hit me hard with that M.O.O.N. — Hydrogen at the intro.

  5. I maaaaaaaaay have gotten over eager and crafted 2 Golden Shadow Council. I don't want my meme's to be dreams… what deck should I build?

  6. Guess who got a golden magtheridon as his preorder bonus… I refuse to disenchant my golden bulky boi

  7. I managed to get turn 3 coin magtheridon into turn 4 lightning breath in my spell shaman deck. Unfortunately it was against Warlock and they had the sac pact

  8. Lol that last game was funny. Trump was sitting so pleased with himself. I'm not sure anyone saw that ending coming

  9. Did Trump just forget that his class name is literally DEMON HUNTER? He's designed to be able to take down warlocks.

  10. I'm laughing hard at how people here don't understand how asian aging works. I guess those people don't leave their rooms or never have meet an asian before lol.

  11. Having a 0 cost card kill a hero is not fun interaction and completely kills juraxis as a card

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