I would label this Deck as Unfair | Wild Spell Hunter | Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

Spell Hunter is such a great deck to play against both Control and Aggro. We are pretty much guaranteed to draw Barnes with double Masters Call and Tracking and the moment we play him we usually get Silvanans on the board. Nine Lives itself is so good in Spell Hunter, its not even funny anymore. Whatever your opponent plays, you can just steal it and keep on pressuring them

If you want to bully Big Priest this is perfect. Deathstalker Rexxar flexes on aggro when he comes down with his arrows while our secrets give us Tempo back in case we lose it early on. I can recommend trying Zul´Jin in this deck as it was in the original list but I ended up cutting him for explosive trap as he did not do anything, even at turn 10 and including a 6 mana Spell to summon a 5/5 with rush is just too slow for wild


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22 thoughts on “I would label this Deck as Unfair | Wild Spell Hunter | Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

  1. regarding looping videos on youtube for mobile, you can add the video to an empty playlist. Then you can loop the playlist!

  2. I played both syl and deathwing, dragonlord + zul'jin version, and the deathwing version works 2 times better for me, I climbed 9 to 5 with 11 winstreak

  3. At 8:17, would it have been better to trade the cat into the seeping oozeling and let his recruit deathrattle go off, summoning an 8-drop for him, and then using nine lives to steal the 8 drop per se a Lich King? I think maybe so.

  4. 5:24 so when opposite stalag and feugen trade into each other both players get a thaddius ?

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