ILLIDAN IN BG = CLEAVEMANIA! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Illidan is the new master-cleaver of the Battlegrounds!
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40 thoughts on “ILLIDAN IN BG = CLEAVEMANIA! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. there are a lot stupid things that annoy me, but ffs why would u move ur mouse so slowly

  2. Somehow the universe finds a way to lure you on your first time hero then pours salt on the next battles with him muahahaha

  3. How good is the mech replacement for Cobalt? To me it feels like the new Cobalt is even better

  4. Nice to see Kripp not complaining all the time and full of energy and charm, did he suddenly start taking his vitamin D pills? You really meed those up in the north. As a fellow northerner living North of lat 66˚ I commend his vitamin intake.

  5. Mr Kripp WTF? where is the best patch review i can hope for? why do i learn about cobolt change by acsident. This is NOT ACSEPTABLE. otherwise keep up all the good work and keep us entertained. <3

  6. кому интересно друзья заходите ко мне на канал как начинающий стример провожу интересные розыгрыши и жирные призы типо аркан и ключей. Играю в хс и колду

  7. Kripp tries out the new hero Illidan in battlegrounds. He leverages a powerful hydra and buffed bronze warden on the left and right of his board to finish 1st place on 12 health.

  8. Selling the murloc and keeping the second dragon was a misplay… he even tried to justify it saying "but the dragon has taunt" while holding an argus in his hand… smh

  9. 13:41 lightfang first? these kind of plays are the difference between 10k players and my weak 6k butt

  10. Illidan's hero power would be strong with 1 free attack, but 2 free attacks is just insane.

  11. Ah yes, the ole brann and lightfang together do whatever the hell you want and win game with uncontrollable stats.

  12. He should have sold taunt dragon instead of selling murk eye, he had defender of argus is hand so he could have easily give taunt to the murloc and let it get buffed in the following turns.

  13. Just got my first actual 1st place with illidan. He's definitely op with cleaves! My last openent had a 11 streak I think.

  14. Holy hell, Skipperino!
    Did you acquire a new stand that REMOVES the intro altogether?

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