ILLIDAN IS FINALLY GOOD IN BG! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Looks like Parrot is being nerfed, but I think Illidan will still carry the Parrot flame to victory even with a Tavern 3 Parrot.
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28 thoughts on “ILLIDAN IS FINALLY GOOD IN BG! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. The problem I have with this build is that you can get it so easy and pretty early too. Kripp spent several turns end game doing nothing but looking for the same minions, and he still completely crushed everyone. A build that scales this hard on its own during battle is pretty op.

  2. I hope you know the difference between "good" and "overpowered" 😉

  3. This is even more OP than I thought it would be 😀 parrot really needed nerf, well deserved.

  4. What happens if two people face each other and both only have the arcane cannon on board?

  5. The funny thing is I managed a similar build pre pirates patch. Just with golden baron, golden Goldrinn and a non golden Goldrinn. Plus hydras and a rat in the middle. Even taunted the Goldrinns in case they didn’t die.

    It’s just that setup is sooooo much harder to pull together than the one in this video.

  6. i can t see how they can nerf it?
    maybe no more "beast"
    btw, kripparrian really learned something today. impressed by this casual noob

  7. Now i wanna see that again with tripple baron and goldrinn!! 😀

  8. and to think today i was about to message you about this combo with parrots for sure hiting the combos

  9. Please post some game where Kripp was 8th. I want to see that salt :))

  10. 11:32 this dude was in first place then got knocked down 2 games in a row and the second one nearly killed him. Krip basically won the game after this.

  11. No golden Goldrinn, no golden Baron, no golden 2nd Parrot — so unlucky. I wanted to see that 🙁

  12. dont u guys think its a bug that parrot go -6 hp then goldrin "buffs" her again +10 so parrot stay alive

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