INFINITE BOMBS Will Get You On TOP | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1466

INFINITE BOMBS Will Get You On TOP | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1466 Enjoy this hearthstone video with our interactive and engaging original …


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48 thoughts on “INFINITE BOMBS Will Get You On TOP | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1466

  1. I play tavern brawl mostly for the packs exept when I want to do my quest but with a little bit of fun(depends on the tavern brawls, some of them are boring like the ones where you team up with the other player to kill a big minion).

  2. I usually play tavern brawl atleast once a week for the packs, my favorite brawls are when the two players team up to fight a boss, makes it a bit more refreshing to not crush my enemies

  3. Tavern brawls are really fun sometimes. But I don't usually play them for long. For the rewards… Eh. Maybe we should get the latest expansion's packs, instead of the regular ones.

  4. They should give a new card as reward for tavern brawls, it would take lot of work to design 52 more cards per year but that would be really good for the meta.

  5. For the taveln brawl I always play 1 for the pack (or else) and I play again only if I really like it.

  6. Get ready for tomorrow's clips: Reno casts a spell to kill its own player. Yogg-box kills its own player. Reno ruins its players board. Yogg destroys its players board. A youtuber gets OTK'd and says "what? guys what? what just happened guys?" Solid clip from Solem. (possible french/italian youtuber getting angry and talking fast.) Silvermane says BLYAT! and gets mad/happy.

  7. I play every tavern brawl just for the pack and if it’s fun I’ll play more. I think there should be a pack award of your choice and the odd to pull an epic of legendary should be a little higher to make it more fun and competitive in taverns

  8. I think they Should make more fin brawls, because when a Brawl Is funny and/or interesting I play It a lot, but when It isn't interesting i ignore It. The reward isn't that important (except collosseums)

  9. Only play tavern brawls once
    The pack is enough to get me out of the sad climb in standard

  10. mostly i play tb until i get rewards. unless they are crazy and allow some new deckbuilding. something like minions are 1 mana 1/1.
    but i cant w8 to play multi class wild shudderwock.

  11. Dépends, if the tavern brawl is purely based on luck I play until one win and forget about it. If the tavern brawl includes my own collection and has the lowest percentage of luck in gameplay, is possible that I stay in the tavern brawl for a while.

  12. Ok I only play the tavern brawl once a week, but. . . *does* the hero power swap back when boom is played?? It does right?

  13. I always play taver brawls one day per week, to get pack reward and do mission of the day.

  14. I've played every tavern brawl for the free packs. I just wish they were for the most recent set instead of classic.

  15. I do them just for the packs but other rewards would be nice. Like some packs from the wild expansions.

  16. As a F2P, I used to play any and every tavern brawl without deck building, as it levels the playing field for everyone.
    Now that I've got a few good decks built, I only repeat ones I really like.

  17. I play Tavern brawl everytime I have a quest that does not require a mage 🙂
    I do think that they should up the rewards and make it so you get a pack from the newest expansion instead of a classic pack for the first win of the week

  18. Depends. Some tavern brawls are so fun i play them basically the whole week…and some are boring or unbalanced so i only visit them once. But more rewards would be great

  19. I only do the brawls with Pre-made decks. Instant bail when I see “create deck”

  20. I usually just play tavern brawl once for the pack, and occasionally for the daily quests. I usually never play outside of that, unless it's a really good brawl

  21. I play a lot of Tavern Brawl when it's not "Build Your Own" brawls, to quickly complete quests without compromising rank or going into casual or wild. And yes, rewards other than a single classic pack would be nice. Maybe even wild packs every once in a while, since giving out current packs would undermine their business model.

  22. I normally only play it once for a pack. But the last co-op one I played around a dozen times just because I was having fun!

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