INSANE NEW CARDS! Dual-Class Legendary & More!! - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone Expansion

More new cards are revealed! Many more Legendaries!

Cards in this review:
00:05 — Devout Pupil
02:11 — Keymaster Alabaster
03:59 — Jandice Barov
04:26 — Pen Flinger
05:40 — Runic Carvings
07:24 — Fluffy Firestarter
08:42 — Adorable Infestation
10:38 — Gift of Luminance
11:59 — Turalyon, the Tenured

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Outro Song: Slip by Geographer

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INSANE NEW CARDS! Dual-Class Legendary & More!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion



34 thoughts on “INSANE NEW CARDS! Dual-Class Legendary & More!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion

  1. First! Looks good! Which classes are looking strong with this new release?

  2. Looks like Paladin won't be trash anymore with the new expansion. Nice!

  3. I already hate Jandice, cause I know there will be situations where my opponent gets 1 or 2 Convincing Inflitrators 😠

  4. If you have the Coin you can save it for turn 10 and combo Keymaster Alabaster with new DH spell Glide (it has to be outcast ofc) for draw 8, and get some cheap stuff from your opponent's deck, it is meme but I'm gonna try it for sure 😁

  5. Alabaster is an interesting tech choice if every deck is running Polkelt. Polkelt is pretty low-tempo so you probably have time to play Alabaster in response and then you guaranteed get a 1 mana copy of their highest card.

  6. Paladin really needs a card that makes the opponent play around it and a little scared for nonpredictable stuff. Other classes can make big shenanigans, but pala just buff his shit and the enemy don't even complain of it coz they can freeze, silence, take control , Meiev, poison stuff, zephrys, and go face, then your super big play just get blocked basically for 1 enemy card.

  7. How is luminance nutty? It’s barely better than the 1 mana 2/1 give a minion divine shield and it’s 2 more mana

  8. With Gift of Luminance, that could be nutty with Unsleeping Soul? Just unsleeping soul the 1/1 and bam, you have two minions at full stat value,

  9. insane brah those might get you some chicks. did you get the queen of hearts, I got that one. I'd trade it for a GF any day though… once i saw some sexy lady cards in my dads drawer. that was legedery those were legendrie times, almost saw side boob at the beach..

  10. Man looking at all the meh paladin Legendaries we have had since RoS makes me sad. Everything is just utter garbage compared to other classes. Someone on Reddit was saying how if the new 8 drop just had Windfury it would actually be good. And damn if they weren't on the nose with that. Why must Blizzard make our boy Uther suffer 🙁

  11. I wonder if there is decent deathrattle minion that cost 5 for jandice barrov to summon, i'd definitely choose that minion to die

  12. Gift of luminence allows paladin to duplicate vargoths, and in my book, that makes it a quality card 😀

  13. What if all the cards from scholomance is actually solo adventure cards but they accidentally mixed the that with the original cards.

  14. Opponent plays polkelt, rearranges deck in highest to lowest. Play Alabaster, get their highest cost card in deck for 1!

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