INSANE OTK LEOROXX HUNTER!!! - 30+ Damage Combo - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone

This combo is so much fun. Probably my favorite deck from day one so far! The deck feels amazing and I was playing it in a silly way to try and do the combo, but honestly you kinda just win without the combo BUT if you’re playing vs a control deck you can play it slower and get huge value from the 3x Crush combo.


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OTK Leoroxx Shuma Krush Combo:



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INSANE OTK LEOROXX HUNTER!!! — 30+ Damage Combo — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone



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48 thoughts on “INSANE OTK LEOROXX HUNTER!!! — 30+ Damage Combo — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone

  1. Pretty neat, I got all these cards including a golden leoroxx, dont need to craft a single card. feels good man.

  2. I love this deck. I played it in a diff. way though. I did not play the quest and instead just played scavenger's ingenuity into King Crush.

  3. This is the exact kind of deck that I wanted to play this expansion. The other decks I wanted to try I ended up getting the legendary‘s for in my pack openings so I really don’t need to craft a lot so I crafted the two cards I needed for this and honestly I love and not just because I just beat two demon hunters in a row.

  4. Damn, with this expansion, hs has even gotten more toxic. Embiggen and many dh cards need a nerf asap

  5. I normaly really despise hunter , and of course , my only legendarys
    are the hunter ones . Now I'm thinking about crafting this deck .

  6. I have the mission and king crush. Do you think it is possible to play it just with leorox and the prime? Probably shuma is really important too…

  7. love this deck but i know if i'd craft it, i would hate myself after losing 5 times in a row cause no combo in hand

  8. So Leoroxx is definitely supposed to be a play on Rexxar + Leroy, I assume?

  9. Yeeaaaas. I immediately crafted all the cards but didn't think about what combo should I use, thanks for the idea.

  10. haha dude i love my control priest and it's pretty decent but yeah don't pay attention. it's garbage hue hue.

  11. I was trying to do this but with Zixor prime and tundra rhino and I got it to work all of 1 time 😂

  12. This deck is fun. By the way I think scrap shot is kind of overkill, I just run more card draws so I can pull off the combo more consistently.

  13. In British English it's sat er, basically Saturn with the n. In American English it's say ter.

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